Smile Doctors Launches Smile Express

Posted: August 5, 2021
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GEORGETOWN, Texas—Smile Doctors, a network of award-winning orthodontists, has introduced Smile Express, an at-home treatment solution for adults looking to improve their smiles in under six months.
Smile Express is designed to deliver the signature Invisalign aligner smile faster, with minimal office visits and at half of the cost of full treatment.
“We created Smile Express so our patients can receive the professional guidance and management of a dedicated and experienced orthodontist, while maintaining daily freedom and minimizing impact on their schedules,” said J. Hedrick, CEO of Smile Doctors.
Smile Express treatment works in three steps:
- Patients will come in to be evaluated, including full orthodontic records, digital scans and an in-person examination by an orthodontist. 
- Smile Doctors will ship the aligner(s) directly to patients’ homes.
- Patients can monitor progress with their orthodontist via the Smile Doctors Anywhere app and will return for a final exam at the end of treatment to ensure they reach their full smile potential.
“We are continuously evolving our services to address the needs of those who are looking for an alternative to traditional, in-person orthodontic treatment,” said Hedrick. “As we continue to innovate our treatments and products, we remain committed to delivering confident smiles to our patients and the communities we serve.”
“We are excited to offer this treatment to patients seeking a simple streamlined solution to enhance their smiles and still have their orthodontist oversee their treatment every step of the way," said co-founder and chief clinical officer, Dr. Scott Law.
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