Smile Doctors Affiliates with Nine New Practices in Q2 2021, Including First in Maryland

National network of orthodontists continues 18-month growth streak
Posted: August 25, 2021
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GEORGETOWN, Texas—Smile Doctors, an ortho-focused dental support organization (OSO) in the U.S., announced its affiliation with nine practice groups in seven states during the second quarter of 2021. The addition of a practice in Maryland represents the organization’s first move into the state, bringing the total number of states served to 23 and total locations to 258.
Since January of this year, Smile Doctors has affiliated with a total of 36 locations. The organization is on track to surpass its 2020 total of 18 affiliated practices, which expanded the Smile Doctors’ footprint with 48 new locations and added five new states to its national presence.
“The past 18-months have been challenging for many businesses, but we continue to grow due to the amazing network of doctors, technological advancements and efforts to pave the way for the future of orthodontic care,” said J. Hedrick, CEO of Smile Doctors. “During this time, practices saw the benefit of joining Smile Doctors, through an immediate partnership with our support services and shared resources.”
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