Gaidge Debuts Electronic Intake Forms for Orthodontic Practices

Posted: November 15, 2021
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GAINESVILLE, Ga.—Gaidge, a provider of business intelligence and practice analytics, recently announced the addition of electronic intake forms to its suite of technology solutions. The product features an easy-to-use patient intake portal that includes pre-built templates, secure email and SMS communication functionality, tracking and analytics, providing a streamlined digital workflow for new patient intake. 

Gaidge Debuts Electronic Intake Forms for Orthodontic Practices

“It’s Gaidge’s mission to partner with orthodontists so they have what they need to run their businesses better,” said Ryan Moynihan, CEO of Gaidge. “The addition of the Gaidge Forms portal further expands our ability to help clients realize the benefits of software, technology and tools that enhance office operations and let them deliver the highest quality patient experience.”  

Gaidge Forms works for practices by creating more efficiency, enhancing a positive patient experience and giving doctors and treatment coordinators information and time to prepare for the exam. As part of a practice’s overall strategy for leveraging technology, digital forms can reduce waiting room time, increase schedule efficiency and reduce no-shows. 

The expediency of digital forms sets the stage for a quality experience for prospective patients from the first call. Patients appreciate the convenience of electronic forms that are desktop and mobile friendly, reducing redundancy and making the best use of their time. For the doctor and coordinator, being able to capture health history and chief concerns ahead of the exam allows for a greater level of understanding and ability to address the needs of each unique patient.  

“The role of intake forms is often undervalued—this important step is the first interaction between practice and patient. A paperless and painless process makes a great first impression and can set a business apart from the competition," said Moynihan.

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