Henry Schein Orthodontics Launches Treatment Planning Software for Reveal Clear Aligners

Posted: December 3, 2021
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MELVILLE, N.Y.—Henry Schein Orthodontics recently announced the launch of Studio Pro 4.0, a new web-based treatment planning software for Reveal Clear Aligners.

Henry Schein Orthodontics Launches Treatment Planning Software for Reveal Clear Aligners

Linked to the DDX Case Management Portal—a remote server where images are submitted and cases can be managed—Studio Pro 4.0 offers Reveal providers virtual setup tools to visualize, customize and communicate treatment plans designed to achieve predictable outcomes for clear aligner treatment planning. With more than 25 new features, practitioners can navigate an intuitive interface that was designed with clinicians in mind, based on extensive market research and feedback.

“At Henry Schein Orthodontics, we are committed to delivering new, innovative technologies that simplify clear aligner workflows for our customers and enhance the patient experience,” said Phil Prentice, president, Henry Schein’s Orthodontics Group. “Featuring direct integrations with many leading intraoral scanners, as well as direct connections with practice management software, Reveal is the clear choice to help practitioners meet the clear aligner needs of their patients.”

With the additional functionality of the Studio Pro 4.0 platform, Reveal providers can personalize treatment planning with ease and control when reviewing and approving aligner cases. Reveal providers will also continue to receive full in-office support from Henry Schein Orthodontics.

For more information or to schedule a demo, call 800-344-3397 or visit revealclearaligners.com/studiopro
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