WildSmiles and Smiles Change Lives Announce New Partnership

Posted: February 1, 2022
Edited by Orthotown staff

ORLANDO, Fla.— WildSmiles announced a partnership with Smiles Change Lives, an international nonprofit that helps families get orthodontic treatment for their children who could not otherwise afford treatment.  

WildSmiles offers three different designer bracket collections. The full Disney collection, WildSmiles’ original signature collection and the college collection offering 19 college mascots.

As part of the partnership, WildSmiles will be giving recipients of the program free designer brackets. To help further the mission, WildSmiles will also be donating 5% of its total revenue from providers affiliated with the organization.

The Smiles Change Lives program has helped more than 15,000 children across the United States and Canada, together with its network of over 750 orthodontists.

For more information on how to get involved or receive free brackets as part of the program, visit wildsmilesbraces.com/smiles-change-lives.
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