Ormco Announces the Launch of The Ultima Hook

Posted: May 21, 2022
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BREA, Calif.—Ormco Corporation, a global innovator of orthodontic products and solutions, launches Ultima Hook, the first and only repositionable hook developed specifically for the Ultima wire. Designed and engineered to correct maloccluded teeth in conjunction with orthodontic appliances, providing performance and efficiency.
Ormco Announces the Launch of The Ultima Hook ? Ultima Hooks are the only repositionable hooks on the market today - up to 3 times
? Ultima Hooks are pre-placed on the wire saving time for clinicians and staff
? Can be placed flush to the bracket
? Only hook truly designed for the Ultima wire
? Made from NiTi which provides super elastic properties (shape memory)

The Ultima Hook is the latest in advancements of the Damon Ultima System. The snap-fit hooks are placed onto the arch wire intraorally and can be placed flush against the bracket. A supporting instrument is provided to move the hook along the wire, the only hook designed for the Damon Ultima System Wire.

To learn more about the Ultima Hook, visit ormco.com/ultimahooks.

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