Reliance Orthodontics introduces Ultra Self Etching Primer

Posted: August 15, 2022
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Reliance Orthodontics introduces Ultra Self Etching Primer
ITASCA, Il.—Reliance Orthodontics introduces the first one-step, no mix, single liquid self etching primer: “Ultra Self Etching Primer” or “USEP”. USEP combines the preparatory etching and priming of enamel into one simple step. A single liquid application without mixing is now all that is required.

USEP saves chairtime and material costs while providing complete enamel preparation for bonding, without the cumbersome step of rinsing. Simply scrub USEP on for 5 seconds, air dry and bond. As with any SEP – Assure Plus will significantly increase bond strength. Clinical efficiency is increased especially with rebonds, occlusal builds ups or increasing band cement retention.

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