DentalMonitoring Hosts Inaugural 2023 User Summit

Posted: November 23, 2022
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AUSTIN, Texas.—From March 16 through the 18th, DentalMonitoring will invite all current and prospective users to spend two and half days with industry leaders at the DM Summit in Tampa Bay, Florida. Attendees will discover new strategies and best practices to use with DentalMonitoring’s remote monitoring solution. The seminar will focus on the benefits of bringing artificial intelligence and automation into orthodontic workflows. Attendees will be prepared and motivated to increase their clinical efficiency and scale their practices while providing a more convenient treatment experience.

Twelve speakers, including Dr. Bill Dischinger, Dr. Barry Benton, Dr. Tara Gostovich, Dr. Alyssa Carter, and Christ Bentson, will teach proven strategies to support the three pillars of practice optimization. The growth areas for Summit attendees are elevating clinical control, increasing practice efficiencies, and attracting more patients.

The two and half-day event will include full-day seminars with a roster of twelve industry experts, followed by several break-out sessions to meet and collaborate with peers and share insights and experiences. To close the weekend, attendees will unwind at a “Havana Nights” themed gala.

Early bird discounted pricing is available until December 31, 2022.

Doctors and their team members can register at

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