Introducing izzo: A 4-in-1 Oral Care System

Posted: February 24, 2023
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PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa—– izzo, a partner to Premier Dental, a global developer, manufacturer, and distributor of dental and medical products, is pleased to introduce izzo: a professionally inspired 4-in-1 Oral Care System that delivers a high level of at-home hygiene care to patients.

The first and only of its kind, izzo is a comprehensive oral care system that contains virtually everything consumers need to achieve optimal oral health in between their visits with dental professionals.

The system includes:
• An advanced power handle, with three speeds (Ultra, Daily, and Gentle), that features a timer to help ensure patients brush for the recommended amount of time.
• Interchangeable oscillating heads to attach to the power handle including a brush head with soft bristles and a polishing cup for at-home stain removal.
• A scaler to remove plaque and debris from hard-to-clean places between the teeth and above the gumline.
• A UVC sanitizing case, that can hide on the brush head and polishing cup head.

The izzo 4-in-1 Oral Care System is now available through Benco Dental. izzo will be officially unveiled to dental professionals at this year’s Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting (booth #4102).

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