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What should take into account when choosing ultrasonic scaler

What should take into account when choosing ultrasonic scaler

9/4/2019 11:24:16 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 106

A) Headpiece

The headpiece is a fundamental element in the ultrasonic scaler dental because it is essential that it is compatible with the tips that will be used. As we already know, these components work directly in the patient's mouth, so it is also important that they are self-cleaning at a temperature of 135ºC to allow for proper disinfection. Two other relevant aspects related to handpieces are their frequency and amplitude. 

B) Ultrasonic tips

Ultrasonic tips, also known as inserts, are paired with each ultrasonic device, so generally each manufacturer produces and recommends their own tips. The DTE brand however has released some ultrasonic equipment compatible with tips from other manufacturers such as Satelec, the world leader in ultrasonic equipment. Nevertheless, we must take into account that when selecting one specific brand from the market, we will automatically be choosing tips from that same manufacturer. Therefore it is vital that we inform ourselves of the prices and features (size, material etc.) that a brand has to offer before purchasing our ultrasonic device.

Division of ultrasonic devices

Integrated in the dental chair. When we buy this type of ultrasonic equipment we must be aware that it is going to be integrated into the dental chair forever. 

Independent without water tank. This type of ultrasonic equipment always needs to be connected to a water source whether it is the water supply from the dental chair or an external tank. Just like the devices integrated in the dental unit, these aren’t suitable for performing treatments that require other liquids than water. 

Ultrasonic Scaler with Water Bottle. These devices can function in a totally autonomous way as they have a built in tank, they do not need to be connected to a water source. Thanks to this the device can be easily transported from one place to another, and they are also suitable for periodontics treatments. For this we recommend that you take a look at this scaler from the DTE brand which works independently and contains a kit with 8 tips and a stainless steel case.
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