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Gordon J. Christensen is Founder and CEO of Practical Clinical Courses (PCC) and Co-Founder and CEO for Clinicians Report Foundation (CR) and a practicing prosthodontst in Provo, Utah. PCC is an international continuing education organization that provides courses and videos for all dental...
As a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr. Silver prevents and manages breathing problems including sleep apnea, snoring, and mouth breathing in all ages. She evaluates and treats children for proper jaw growth and development, incorporating oral myofunctional therapy, oral...
Born and raised in Eastern Montana, the geographic center of nowhere in the United States, Todd McGovern admired his small town dentist who sat weekly in the front row of his Catholic church wearing a dapper blue blazer, surrounded by his camera-ready family. At age 26, along with his beautiful new...
A roundtable discussion on the future of the orthodontic profession with innovators Dr. Brandon Owen, Dr. Melanie Wang & Dr. Jason Cope. This special episode was recorded in front of a live audience during the Ortho Innovation Summit in Austin, TX.  On this episode, you’ll learn about: *The...
Dr. Shawi earned his Biomedical Science degree from the University of Central Florida and then his DMD from Temple University School of Dentistry. After graduating from Temple Dental in 2023, Dr. Shawi took a job as an associate general dentist in New Jersey for a DSO. He is navigating the...
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