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Straight Bytes
All things orthodontics! As an orthodontist, I love creating straight, white, attractive teeth. I have a passion for dentistry. I hope you enjoy!
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In this blog post my technique for bonding a mandibular fixed retainer is demonstrated:In the appointment prior to the debond, last minute adjustments are made to occlusion. A wax impression is taken in order to indirectly bend a TMA .029 " (ORMCO) passively to the lingual aspect of the lower...  Read More
Diode laser contouring post orthodontics:  Icing on the cake!
There are a number of etiologic factors that can contribute to puffy, enlarged or hypertrophied gingival tissue.This condition unfortunately is a frequent occurrence with orthodontic treatment. Poor brushing is the most common factor sited by orthodontists. Other common causes include mouth...  Read More
If you're not monitoring you office phone scripting, who is?
A patient of mine who specializes inrelationship marketing explained to me that business is a really big funnel. Atthe top of the funnel we seek to attract as many interested potential clients(patients) from as many sources as possible. Some of the leads we have fall outof the funnel and don't end...  Read More
All things google for your dental office
Googlize Your BusinessAll Things Google for Your Practiceby Alan A. Curtis, DDS, MS, Editorial Director, Orthotown MagazineGoogle is more than a search engine. Google wants to be your go-to source for everything. No, really. It wants to be your source for all information in the world. Its mission...  Read More
 Burning the Candle... I mean root.. at both ends
Another Straight Bytes show and tell;Case Impacted Lower Right second premolar (Lower Right 5, #29, #45)Impacted beyond horizontal.Surgical technique: Closed eruption with gold chainOrthodontic Technique Mesial distal space opened, Surgery performed, traction placed to upright crown, bonding of...  Read More
Impacted Canine  CBCT before and after
It's time for a Straight Byte show and tell. Check out this fun Impacted # 27 (Lower right 3 or #43) Tx time: 26 MonthsOrthodontist:Alan A. Curtis DDS, MS PeriodontistKendall Scholes DMD MS  Read More
Charity Ortho case almost at one million youtube views
Last year we decided to share what modern orthodontics can do to change the life of someone indesperate need of an orthodontic total mouth makeover. Rohina was chosen as our first candidate and her initial story hasreceivedclose to one million views! Check it out!Her progress after 8 months!:I have...  Read More
Taking great dental photos
Excellent patient photography can greatly enhance the value of proposed treatment thereby increasing case acceptance rates. Consider taking full extra oral and intra oral photographs on every new patient. Few things can have a greater impact on the success of your dental practice.  Read More

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