Marketing Tips For Orthos - People & Practice
Marketing Tips For Orthos - People & Practice
Get the latest tips and tricks for orthodontic practices to increase trust in your office before a patient even walks in the door. Increase patient conversion and replace lost referral sources with online marketing.
Leon Klempner

Let’s Talk Turkey About Your Practice!
Do you have a mature practice but find that all your former referral sources are dying off, literally and figuratively? You have the latest equipment like a CBCT X-ray, iTero display, and you offer Invisalign but people still aren’t beating down your door for consultations. Other than that, things...  Read More
Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New at Your Practice!
The future is only scary if you’re not prepared for it. When I was running my orthodontic practice (not so long ago!), I made sure I was prepared for the future by learning the latest and greatest in technology. Not only the scanners and materials that helped me create thousands of beautiful smiles...  Read More
To build trust in your practice, start with the basics... #marketing #Google #Facebook #practice
Want to know the best way to discourage people from visiting your practice? Have inconsistent or worse plain out-of-date info listed on Google, Facebook and other online directories. In a recent study,  to read that post. You can also take these steps:     Do a search for your business online and...  Read More
Improve your orthodontic office’s local ranking with Google My Business
Don’t take a NAP when it comes to your orthodontic practice on Google Business. Every orthodontist needs to claim their practice's business listing on Google. Hands down, that is the most important piece of advice you need to know. You can pretty much stop here if you haven’t done that already. Go...  Read More
AAO Webinar: A Low Fee Model is Not Your Only Option
Earn CE credit in this free webinar on how to grow a high quality orthodontic practice using digital marketing hosted by People & Practice’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Leon Klempner. A Low Fee Model is Not Your Only Option Date: December 12, 2018 Time: 08:30PM – 09:45PM  to register With downward...  Read More
The Customer Journey: Leading Patients to Your Practice
In order to be effective in marketing to potential patients, you need to think like they do. Simply defined, the customer journey is the sequence of decision-making and research steps someone will go through before buying a product or service. Along the way the customer has a series of touchpoints...  Read More
Digital Ad Zappers Make Content Marketing Even MORE Important
In the online battle for clients’ attention, fight ad blocking with content! Ethan Zuckerman has said that. Ever heard of him? Probably not, but he has apologized to you anyway - actually he apologized to the whole world of which we assume you are a part. What egregious sin made him proclaim his...  Read More
Ignore Online Reviews at Your Own Peril!
Take our advice, you ignore online reviews about your practice at your own peril. First, the bad news. According to , a negative review will drive away about 22% of your customers. These are people who go to an online review, read something bad about your business (deserved or not), and then never...  Read More
Millennials Are Not Simply Going To Your Website!
Millennials do not research companies on the web the same way other generations have. They go to their social networks to find out about you before they even search Google or click on your practice’s website. Capturing the attention of Millennials is all the buzz nowadays. This is a demographic...  Read More
Are You Ready to Capture Your Next Patient in a Micro-moment?
Mobile has changed the rules in online marketing. In a very familiar scene, a group of parents are gathered together and the conversation veers toward braces. Instinctively one or two parents go to their smartphones to search for local orthodontists. A list pops up and the results show local...  Read More
Beware The Dark Side of Content Marketing on Facebook
Don’t give in to the temptation to post questionable content on Facebook. It could cause long-lasting damage to your practice. Good content gets noticed. If it’s informative and relevant, then you’re sure to get clicks that convert into patients. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true as...  Read More
Get Your Patients to Post For You
Here’s a secret: there is no secret to get your social media content to go viral. No one knows the magic formula. Sometimes it’s accidental and sometimes the stars just align. So, while there’s no guarantee your followers will repost all your great content, there are ways to increase your chances....  Read More
What Happens if You Don’t Get Good Reviews on Google?
Nothing happens. And that’s bad. Bad reviews can be bad for business. Despite a recent research report finding that online physician ratings are found that a whopping 97% of consumers read online reviews about local businesses, with 12% looking for a local business online every single day, almost a...  Read More
Get Your Staff on Board With Social
We talk a lot about what makes for a successful social media marketing program in terms of patients it puts in chairs or the trust that it builds in future clients. But, behind the scenes of every great Facebook business account, is a dedicated staff who cares. The truth is that no one can do it...  Read More
The Three Be's to Build Trust in Your Practice
How do you gain the trust of potential new clients? Be authentic, believable and present online! Marketing expert Seth Godin wrote on his blog that. The most important thing you can get from an online strategy is trust. How do we build trust online without the benefit of face-to-face contact or...  Read More
Boost Your Facebook Posts for Maximum Performance
If you run a Facebook Business page then you have come across the boosted page post many times but you might not even know it or understand what it means. As a page administrator, Facebook will ask you every time you create a post if you’d like to boost it to reach more people. It appears as a...  Read More
How To Use Hashtags
If you’re confused about the use of the hashtag then sit back for our quick primer. Hashtags can be fun but the original purpose was very practical. The hashtag symbol–originally known to anyone who is not a . A random comment on social media has a better chance of being found online if accompanied...  Read More
Marketing Strategies for a Successful Orthodontic Practice
The right mix can create a marketing masterpiece for your orthodontic practice. We speak with orthodontists all the time who bemoan the loss of their tried and true referral sources and feel like they are facing the abyss when thinking that the only way to survive is by slashing fees. This is...  Read More
5 Ways Orthodontists Increase Patient Conversion With Social Media
We all know that social media is integral to practice marketing but part of the trick is getting patients to engage with our posts. If you want to make your Facebook page more exciting (and help convert more patients) then we suggest trying a few of these strategies: Give a little of everything...  Read More
Online Reviews: Five Things You Need to Know For Your Ortho Practice
Consumers say that they want to see ratings on review sites before they even think about going to a practice. A survey by showed that half need at least a 4-star rating before they choose a business and 73% said that positive reviews make them trust a business more. Reviews are a serious business....  Read More
DentalTown Podcast: Successful Dental Marketing with Dr. Leon Klempner
Can the independent practice compete against DSOs commoditizing the business of dentistry? Is there a way to differentiate yourself so that your practice stands out amongst growing competition? Will patients see the value in your practice over a low-cost alternative? The answer to all the above...  Read More
Social Media: Your Orthodontic Office’s Digital Welcome Mat
If you don’t think you need a social media page for your orthodontic practice, think again! Many young parents  before they go anywhere else. They will not search on Google or ever visit your website. They go right to their favorite social media page and start looking to see if you show up doing as...  Read More
Increase Patient Conversion With These Facts About Online Reviews
New data suggests that reviews are getting shorter, positive and social. A 2018 study published by ReviewTrackers found that online reviews are changing - for the better. Literally, reviews are getting more positive. They also found that people are using fewer characters to get their point across...  Read More
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