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Ep. 26: Dr. David Boschken
Dr. David Boschken is a forward-thinking orthodontist from Silicon Valley who has remained at the forefront of orthodontic technology for over 20 years. On this episode, you’ll learn about: *Dave’s educational journey that took him to UPENN and the UK *How Dave was an early adopter of...  Read More
Invisalign is an effective and trusted method for straightening crooked teeth. The treatment may take months, but you will have a perfect set of straight white teeth once it is done. However, while undergoing invisalign treatment, taking care of your oral hygiene is vital. Dentists advise thorough...  Read More
Categories: Orthodontics
Episode 29: Amy Gallo on Getting Along
In this episode, Dustin talks with Amy Gallo about her book, Getting Along: How to Work with Anyone (Even Difficult People). Amy shares the 9 principles for getting along with anyone, why we must focus on what we can control and avoid wasting time trying to convince our colleagues to change;...  Read More
The First Annual Orthodontic Awards
With 150 nominees, 20 categories, and 1 incredible profession worth celebrating, you won’t want to miss the awards event of the year. Hosted by Drs. Kyle Fagala and Jonathan Nicozisis, filmed live in front of a studio audience at the AAO Annual Session in Chicago, and sponsored by inBrace, The...  Read More
Season 6, Ep 4: Personality Tests w/ Drs. Grant Collins and Andy Sarpotdar
I’m not gonna lie, I was shocked at how much two orthodontists knew about personality tests... On this NEW episode of TDO: Live!, I’m joined by Orthodontists Grant Collins and Andy Sarpotdar to discuss personality tests and how having your teams and loved ones take these tests can make a big...  Read More
Episode 28: Ozan Varol on Awaken Your Genius
In this episode, Dustin talks with Ozan Varol about his latest book, Awaken Your Genius: Escape Conformity, Ignite Creativity and Become Extraordinary. Ozan shares how to discard what no longer serves you and discover your first principles—the qualities that make up your genius. You’ll be equipped...  Read More
Ep. 25: Dr. Jacquee Schieck
Orthodontist Dr. Jacquee Schieck practices in Northfield, MN and is a literal rockstar as the co-vocalist & bass player for Relapse. On this episode, you’ll learn about: *Jacquee’s upbringing in Sioux Falls, SD *How she started her practice, , from scratch while raising her growing family...  Read More
Season 6, Ep 3: Dino Watt - Team Culture, Relationships, and Sales
On this episode of TDO: Live!, I'm joined by Dino Watt, a business, leadership, and relationship expert who speaks to standing-room-only audiences in the Orthodontic world.  He joins me in Memphis to discuss how to create and maintain excellent team culture, how to make the best use of our...  Read More
Ep. 24: Dr. Bill Layman
Dr. Bill Layman is an orthodontist in Clearwater, FL who applies his MBA knowledge to help orthodontists understand important business decisions for their practices.   On this episode, you’ll learn about: *How Bill attended The Citadel and served in the Army’s 82nd Airborne prior to attending...  Read More
Episode 26: Christine Porath on Mastering Community
Despite our deep desire to feel a sense of belonging, many of us feel isolated. The rise of technology and modern workplace practices have led people to be even more disconnected, even as we remain constantly contactable. In this episode, Dustin talks with Christine Porath about her latest...  Read More
Episode 25: Gabriele Oettingen on Rethinking Positive Thinking
In this episode, Dustin talks with Gabriele Oettingen about her book, Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation. You'll discover why many people say "think positive, be optimistic, and focus on what you want to achieve" but how the research shows something interesting...  Read More
Ep. 23: Dr. Heather Hopkins
Dr. Heather Hopkins is an orthodontic innovator & educator who practices at Palmetto Smiles in Lexington, SC. On this episode, you will learn about: *Heather’s New Orleans roots & her educational journey through the South *Her celebrity encounters while practicing in Los Angeles *Heather’s...  Read More
Categories: CAD-CAM, Orthodontics
Episode 24: Chris Bailey on How to Calm Your Mind
In this episode, Dustin talks with Chris Bailey about his latest book, How to Calm Your Mind: Finding Presence and Productivity in Anxious Times. You'll discover How the analog and digital worlds affect calm and anxiety in vastly different ways. How our desire for the neurochemical dopamine...  Read More
Father Daughter Practice
My Daughter has been with me for 5 years now and things could not be better.  I gifted her the practice and the office building 3 years ago and she has settled into a very nice practice for both of us.  I continue to work everyday, I do not take a paycheck anymore so all the practice income flows...  Read More
Ep. 22: Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis
Orthodontist Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis is a renowned Invisalign expert and speaker as well as the co-founder of . On this episode, you will learn about: *Jonathan’s Greek heritage and how his family’s retail business influenced him as a business owner *What he learned from aligner pioneer Dr....  Read More
Categories: CAD-CAM, Orthodontics
Braces are the ultimate form of orthodontic therapy. They change your appearance and can help you achieve the smile you have always dreamed of, while also preventing future issues from occurring. The goal of wearing braces is to straighten your teeth, so they appear the same size and shape to the...  Read More
Categories: Orthodontics
Episode 22: Dorie Clark on The Long Game
In this episode, Dustin talks with Doris Clark about her book, The Long Game: How to Be a Long-Term Thinker in a Short-Term World. You'll discover how long-term thinking is what will help—in those darkest moments of doubt—to keep prioritizing what matters most, doing small things over time to...  Read More
Ep. 21: Dr. Maz Moshiri
Orthodontic educator & master clinician Dr. Maz Moshiri practices in St. Louis, MO and is the co-founder of . On this episode, you will learn about: *Maz’s educational journey and how he went on to practice alongside with his father & sister *How Maz partnered with Dr. Jonathan Nicozisis to...  Read More
Categories: CAD-CAM, Orthodontics
Episode 21: Gabriella Braun on All That We Are
In this episode, Dustin talks with Gabriella Braun about her book, All That We Are: The Hidden Truths Behind Our Behavior at Work. We examine how work does far more than occupy our time and provide our livelihood. It provides an outlet for our intelligence and skills. It’s part of our identity, a...  Read More
Invisalign is a convenient alternative to traditional braces that you can use to straighten your teeth. They are made from thermoplastic material to custom fit your top or bottom teeth. You must wear Invisalign trays for around 20-22 hours a day and the best part is they are invisible and easily...  Read More
Episode 20: Benjamin Spall on My Morning Routine
In this episode, Dustin talks with Benjamin Spall about his book, My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired. You'll discover the early morning habits that boost productivity and relax you. Benjamin and I discuss interviews with leaders like Arianna Huffington, General...  Read More
Ep. 20: Dr. Chris Bonebreak Jackson
Dr. Chris Bonebreak Jackson was recently announced as the Director of Clinical Affairs for  and has an impressive background which includes orthodontic private practice, research into 3D-printing technologies and orthodontic education. On this episode, you will learn about: *Her training as a...  Read More
Categories: CAD-CAM, Orthodontics
Ep. 19: Illuminate Live feat. Dr. John Pham, Dr. Adam Schulhof & Dr. Alfred Griffin III
Orthodontists Dr. John Pham, Dr. Adam Schulhof & Dr. Alfred Griffin III return to the podcast for a roundtable discussion on the future of the orthodontic profession.  This special episode was recorded in front of a live audience during the recent AAO in Miami. On this episode, you will learn...  Read More
Episode 18: Ayelet Fishbach on Get it Done
In this episode, Dustin talks with Ayelet Fishbach about her book, Get it Done: Surprising Lessons from the Science of Motivation. You'll discover how to stay motivated, the power of changing our circumstances and the four ingredients for successful behavior change. Dr. Fishbach cautions we should...  Read More
Ep. 18: Dr. Blair Feldman
Dr. Blair Feldman is a hilariously witty orthodontist who is the co-founder of both . On this episode, you will learn about: *Blair’s educational background and eventual relocation to Scottsdale, AZ *How Blair purchased a practice and did a start-up office and his perspective on each *How...  Read More
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