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Episode 22: Dr. Courtney Dunn

Episode 22: Dr. Courtney Dunn

7/11/2017 12:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 67


Dr. Courtney Dunn is a practicing orthodontist, wife, mother of three and the Founder of the Women in Orthodontics study club.  Dr. Dunn was the recipient of the Milo Hellman Award, has served as President of the Arizona State Orthodontic Association and has been interviewed by such diverse media sources as National Public Radio and Fox News Channel.
Courtney attended Loyola Marymount University and the University of Michigan for dental school and orthodontics.  After she and her husband (Matt, who is also an orthodontist) finished residency, she stubbornly decided to move back home and open from scratch even though the orthodontic market in Phoenix was completely saturated and every orthodontist and dentist told her she should go someplace else.  The wisdom of what was already a questionable decision became even murkier a year later, when the Great Recession decimated the real estate and job markets in Phoenix forcing many dental and orthodontic practices in the Phoenix area out of business.  By becoming serious students of business and marketing, Courtney and Matt were fortunate to survive those tumultuous early years in practice. Eventually through following proven business and innovative marketing strategies, they were able to build a highly successful, multi-location orthodontic practice in a notoriously difficult orthodontic market.

Tune into this episode to learn about:

-How to market and build momentum in your practice
-The dedication and hard work needed to thrive in a competitive marketplace
-The Women in Orthodontics study group and challenges specific to female orthodontists
-Updates from the AAO Council on Communication

Episode 22: Dr. Courtney Dunn
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