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selling some NEW Piezoelectric tips $160 per kit. retail for $250 each. 1) Piezo Surgical Tip Kit - Basic UC2, UC3, UC4, UC5, UC1 Mectron /...
 fremont, CA
 1 day ago
BRAND NEW Instarisa 3.0 facial scanner and accompanying computer. Took it out of the box ONCE to test it out. Purchased this because I was...
 coral springs, FL
 8 days ago
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sabur friction grip fg8 rounds. have packs . 5 per
 buffalo, NY
 14 days ago
Bought this set up for an associate and it just didn't work out. Trying to cut our losses and sell these two devices. The mill and the oven...
 Chicago, IL
 23 days ago
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KaVo OP 2D panoramic imaging features a wide variety of views including standard panoramic, pediatric panoramic, TMJ and bitewing. Selecting the...
 Brady, TX
 27 days ago
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Selling 3RD GENERATION IMETRIC ICAM4D PHOTOGRAMMETRY SYSTEM in great working conditions. Used for just over 1 year. BASED IN UNITED KINGDOM. I...
 London , England
 29 days ago
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