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** 13 Southern Implants ** - Brand new, unopened implants. Expiration dates are shown and priced accordingly. Retail was over $200 before tax +...
$210.00 per implant
 California, US
 15 hours ago
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Penguin RFA for Osseointegration - opened, but never used. $2290 on $1650 shipped also: Prophy Magic NLR Hygiene Handpiece 5K...
$1,650.00 includes shpg to U.S
 St. Petersburg, FL
 3 days ago
nobel prosthetic kit box. No torque wrench or drivers included ...
$250.00 OBO
 Melbourne, FL
 22 days ago
Implant direct interactive surgical kit. Drills lightly used. Includes all drills, drivers, and ratchet. We are switching to a different implant...
$1,200.00 OBO
 Melbourne, FL
 22 days ago
Precipitous, medical issues forcing practice closure. Selling 66, Nobel Biocare, Replace Select, tapered, TiUnite coated, dental implants, with 1.5...
$22,000.00 OBO
 Joplin, MO
 26 days ago
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