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Looking to share dental office space 6 ops in Huntington Beach with another dentist or specialist . Great location near freeway and beach....
 Huntington Beach , CA
 9 days ago
We are a dentist recruiting company working with a beautiful, private office that is seeking a dentist. They have many established patients...
 Holland, MI
 19 days ago
Empty shell lease space with 19 ops built out. Beautiful office well-suited for a large dental practice or multi-specialty practice. 6,300 sf. ...
 Tennessee, US
 23 days ago
GP practice willing to lease out 2-3 fully equipped dental operatories. These rooms could be used for general dentistry or specialty practice....
 Frederick, MD
 29 days ago
I built a brand new, state-of-the-art dental office to use as my secondary location, however, personal issues is preventing me from pursuing that...
 Wilmington, DE
 29 days ago
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