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Morthos are a group of silly looking cartoon monsters with braces. launched by Ortho Classic, Inc., is a fun and innovative new orthodontic practice builder. Each monster promotes the values of having straight, healthy teeth in a fun and unique way. Each character is available on posters, removable adhesive wall graphics, T-shirts, referral cards, coloring pages and Papercraft paper models. Each item can also be customized with your practice logo and information. Visit for free downloads or to order a custom product.

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SureSmile QT
SureSmile QT is a lingual treatment option for orthodontists to meet the growing trend of orthodontic patients interested in aesthetics. SureSmile QT offers many advantages including choice of bracket, treatment planning software, robotically bent archwires and the option to be combined with labial treatment on an arch-by-arch basis. For additional information, visit

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ComfortBrace is a clear adhesive strip that provides full coverage against painful irritation. Until now, dental wax has been the only product to soothe mouth sores after penetration of the skin. Comfort- Brace prevents, as well as aids, painful canker sores and bleeding that arise with orthodontic braces. ComfortBrace is a one-size-fits-all thin strip that does not interfere with eating, drinking, talking or sleeping. Visit for more information.

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VALO Cordless
The VALO Cordless LED curing light maintains the powerful, efficient broadband technology offered by the original VALO, and adds a battery-operated, cordless wand for mobility. VALO Cordless features custom, multi-wavelength LEDs to produce high intensity light at 395-480nm. VALO Cordless comes with standard lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batteries and a battery charger suitable for power outlets from 100 to 240 volts. For more information, visit

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