Orthotown Magazine - October 2011

Benjamin Lund, Editor, Orthotown Magazine
Proprietors of Precision
Donald E. Machen, DMD, MSD, MD, JD, MBA, CFA
Dr. Donald E. Machen discusses the importance of developing a strategic plan as well as a regular and frequent protocol for review of your personal financial investments with your investment adviser.
Angela Weber
Angela Weber explores the benefits and current opportunities of mobile phone apps for your practice’s Web site.
Orthotown Magazine surveyed several orthodontic companies, asking all about their self-ligating bracket systems, making it easier than ever to find the system right for you.
Message Boards
You learn new things every day. What tricks or tips have you discovered?
Both methods have their pros and cons. What do you use to sterilize your instruments?
More and more orthodontists are starting to accept HMO insurance. Will you ever switch?
Herbst and Advansync each have a following. Have you ever considered switching?
With so many to choose from, docs discuss what bands they use and why.
In This Issue
Wm. Randol Womack, DDS, Board Certified Orthodontist, Editorial Director, Orthotown Magazine
Orthotown Goes Mobile
Early Treatment
The 5th International Congress
You are invited to visit Orthotown.com to ask questions or post comments about the following New Product Profiles. If you would like to submit a new product for consideration to appear in this section, please send your press releases to Assistant Editor Marie Leland at marie@farranmedia.com.
Mohammad R. Razavi, DDS, MSD, FRCD(C)
Clinical Obstacles in Open Bite Treatment Using Temporary Anchorage Devices

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