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3D Dental Imaging Gives Orthodontists the Straight Talk on Cone Beam Imaging

In the contemporary and contemplative orthodontic office, 3D imaging has emerged as a technology that is expanding the specialty's scope and effectiveness. Besides learning how the cone beam 3D works, practitioners want to know how to optimize the technology across many aspects of the practice – from diagnosis to treatment to marketing. To achieve this goal, Imaging Sciences International, Henry Schein Dental and Gendex Dental Systems have partnered to sponsor the 3D Imaging Institute's 5th International Congress on 3D Dental Imaging – a forum for leaders in dental education to share their experience and expertise in this dynamic technology. Entitled "3D in Practice," this year's congress will be held November 4-5, 2011, in Dallas, Texas with a Users' Meeting on November 3.

Continuing to meet the demand for education, the congress' two-day curriculum is expanded each year to include topics ranging from basic information to detailed clinical use, hands-on training with 3D planning software programs, patient education and marketing, and will afford 16 CE credits. For 2011, leading technology experts will discuss the latest techniques and related software and products, and attendees will have opportunities to network with clinicians from around the world. Several break-out sessions specifically target issues that affect the orthodontic practice.

Dr. Sean Carlson's session is entitled, "Debunking the Myths of Cone Beam Imaging: Applying the Science in the Everyday Orthodontic Practice." Dr. Carlson is an associate professor of orthodontics at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry and a senior investigator in the Craniofacial Research and Instrumentation Laboratory, besides maintaining a private practice in Mill Valley, California. He also offers free podcasts based on scientific facts that explore the basics of X-ray dosimetry related to common dental and orthodontic diagnostic procedures. These podcasts allow dentists to gain a greater perspective on the subject of CBCT and radiation exposure.

Orthodontic speaker Dr. Juan-Carlos Quintero will present "Ortho in 3D! – the Fully Committed Practice." He is immediate past-president of the South Florida Academy of Orthodontists (SFAO) and has been featured on several television news shows, including the Discovery Channel. He has served as national president of the American Association for Dental Research – SRG, has won numerous national research competitions, published more than 14 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and currently lectures extensively both nationally and internationally. Dr. Quintero notes, "Armed with 3D information, orthodontists are able to treatment plan cases for clear, predictable, concise tooth movements. The more we see, the more we know and the fewer mistakes we make for more efficient treatment planning." He adds that orthodontists can benefit from the opportunity to view head and neck anatomy from all sides in three dimensions and in conjunction with airways, bone, sinus and the TMJ system.

In addition to the clinical aspects of the orthodontic practice, the congress will offer insights for augmenting the practice. Dr. Steven Olmos, an orthodontist, will speak about "CBCT in the Treatment of Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Apnea," and Dr. Brent Bankhead will discuss "Leveraging 3D Technology for a Successful Practice." Other sessions will investigate implants, cone beam and CAD/CAM and 3D applications for oral and maxillofacial surgeons. For the business side, Kimberly Innocent and Dr. Steven Sudbrink's session will focus on "Successful Reimbursement and Billing Strategies for Cone Beam Scans." Prior to joining Sudbrink Oral Surgery Associates, PC, where Innocent is the administrator of operations and staffing, she was in charge of 12 large, multi-specialty medical practices. She is also vice president and operational advisor for Practice Solutions, LLC. Innocent noted, "Submitting CBCT scans for dental insurance reimbursement is a brand-new concept. If you have CBCT technology or are still considering it, it is important to make the calls and verify the requirements for a seamless reimbursement process."

For the past four years, the congresses have explored topics on 3D's past, present and future possibilities. As the applications for this powerful technology continue to grow, more specialties and topics are integrated into the mix. Speakers share their experience in practical applications of this dynamic technology and how it actually works in the clinical environment. Lectures and discussions allow for participation and interaction between participants and speakers. Attendees can witness live scans and treatment-planning sessions and gain insight into the different options for field-of- view, resolution and scanning protocols and patient positioning optimization by doctors through hands-on training with 3D planning software programs.

Nicole Serago, marketing specialist and events coordinator for the 3D Imaging Institute, has been involved with the congress since its inception. She offers, "The institute provides 3D education for all clinicians. While throughout the year we sponsor Webinars for those with varying levels of knowledge and day-long advanced customer training sessions, our signature events are definitely live courses and the annual two-day congress. Feedback from our past congress attendees verifies we are on the right track by giving comments like, "The speakers' combined knowledge is very impressive" and the courses are "so beneficial."

Along with these seminars, a variety of vendors display supporting 3D-related products including imaging, implant and restorative systems. In the exhibit hall, dentists will be able to have a hands-on look, including i-CAT, the new i-CAT Precise and the new Gendex GXDP-700.

Cone beam imaging gives orthodontists a view of the anatomy that assists in more precise diagnosis and treatment planning for orthodontic patients. Comprehensive information and education gained from this congress can help dentists use this type of imaging modality to advance patient care and differentiate their practices. Learn more at

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