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Ormco Upgrades Clear Aligner Software and Materials
Ormco, a provider of orthodontic solutions, recently unveiled Spark Clear Aligner Release 10, an upgrade introducing proprietary features and a suite of enhancements to its Approver software and case management portal, designed to give orthodontists greater start-to-finish control and flexibility for more predictable and efficient treatment planning.

These upgrades include the new TruGen XR, a material option for finishing and refinements, the ability to add posterior bite turbos during treatment planning for complex cases, and CBCT integration, enabling orthodontists to import and visualize CBCT patient data within Spark’s Approver software.

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Align Technology Establishes New Global Corporate Headquarters in Tempe, Arizona
Align Technology has established its new global corporate headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. The company’s San Jose campus remains the hub for its global innovation, product and marketing organization and will become home to its new digital innovation center, currently under construction.

part of the new corporate headquarters move, Align Technology president and CEO Joe Hogan, CFO and senior vice president of global finance John Morici, senior vice president, chief legal and regulatory officer Julie Coletti, and senior vice president, Global HR Stuart Hockridge have relocated their offices to Tempe. Approximately 150 employees, mostly in corporate general and administrative roles, have been offered relocation packages. These employees have the option to relocate to Tempe or to continue working from their current locations. Relocation is not required and there are no layoffs associated with this move.

Smile Stream Solutions Acquires OrthoEssentials
Smile Stream Solutions has formally announced its acquisition of OrthoEssentials, a full-service provider of orthodontic supplies in Mount Holly, New Jersey. Tom Macari, CEO and president of Smile Stream Solutions, says the acquisition is an integral part of the company’s growth strategy. By expanding upon its product and service portfolio, leveraging operational efficiencies, and adding years of market intelligence to the team, Macari says Smile Stream Solutions is that much better positioned within the marketplace.

Smile Stream Solutions intends on maintaining continuity of the OrthoEssentials brand and operations, along with its local management team. The transaction closed in December.

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