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iTero Element Plus

iTero Element Plus Series

Align Technology’s iTero Element Plus Series expands the company’s portfolio of iTero Element scanners and imaging systems to include new solutions that serve a broader range of the dental market.

The Element Plus series of scanners and imaging systems builds on the success of the award-winning Element family and offers all the existing orthodontic and restorative digital capabilities plus faster processing time and advanced visualization capabilities for a seamless scanning experience in a sleek, ergonomically designed package. Available in both cart and mobile configurations, the Element Plus series offers increased flexibility and mobility.



BracePaste Band and Build LC

American Orthodontics has introduced BracePaste Band and Build LC, a single-paste system with no mixing required or time constraints. This fluoride-releasing, light-cure band cement adds another option for orthodontists within the BracePaste product family. The product’s blue color allows for easy cleanup and will not wear on opposing enamel when used as an occlusal buildup material. The cement provides optimum bonding of molar bands. The new product is available in syringes and is stored at room temperature.


Glacier Thermoform

Glacier Thermoform Material

DynaFlex has announced the launch of Glacier, its new material used in fabrication of aligners and retainers. Glacier Ultra Premium Thermoform Material focuses on patient comfort while providing strength, durability and clarity. The material is extremely ductile, utilizing DynaFlex’s Grab-Force technology that aids in precise tooth movement and predictable results. Glacier material also requires less blockout.

The material is produced in the U.S. with the newest formulation and manufacturing technique to ensure a material that will move teeth at a consistent rate. Glacier is manufactured with a protective film and multiple layering so the end product will have maximum transparency along with a resilience to stress even when the material is flexed or bent. The material has been tested for biocompatibility in accordance with ISO 10993.


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