New Products

New Products
Cazoo Extraoral Aerosol Evacuator

Cazoo Extraoral Aerosol Evacuator Sota Imaging recently announced the launch of Cazoo, an extraoral aerosol evacuator that reduces dental aerosols, helping protect doctors, staff and patients from particulates that can transmit COVID-19.

Cazoo connects directly to standard high-volume evacuator lines, allowing orthodontic practices to quickly begin reducing aerosols. With an extraoral HVE attachment in place, orthodontic practices can significantly reduce airborne particulates. Research shows a reduction of particulates by up to 90.8% when compared with an intraorally positioned standard saliva ejector.

The new product can be applied using a lip attachment or can be attached to most cheek retractors. A splash guard can also be attached to Cazoo for additional aerosol protection.


Motto Clear AlignersMotto Clear Aligner

Aspen Dental has launched Motto, a clear aligner experience available exclusively at 900 independently owned Aspen Dental locations in 43 states. Onsite labs and in-office technology allow patients to leave with their “tray one on day one,” rather than waiting weeks for their aligners or impression kit.


Damon Ultima System

Damon Ultima System Ormco’s Damon Ultima System is a bracket and wire integrated system that provides orthodontists with earlier and precise control of rotation, angulation and torque. This patented technology is designed to deliver the signature Damon Smile faster, with fewer appointments and better patient comfort.

The new system has been reengineered with a round-sided rectangular wire and a parallelogram-shaped slot in the bracket that are designed to fit together precisely to virtually eliminate play. The design gives orthodontists precise control to move teeth more efficiently and reliably with gentler forces to help orthodontists finish faster with better patient comfort.

The Damon Ultima brackets are available in the neutral, retrocline and procline options for enhanced torque control. Brackets are designed from the center point of the slot to line up with the FA point to express the desired torque and provide easier and more precise placement. Larger size and different material Damon Ultima archwires are available for more torque control for challenging transverse or leveling.


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