New Products

New Products
Alightener Foam Alightener Foam Custom Label

Alightener Foam, a spray foam whitener and cleaner for clear aligners and retainers, now offers a custom label option for both its flagship whitener and cleaner product and its cleaner only product. Practices can develop custom labels to brand these products to the practice. Alightener Foam contains a light peroxide formula that gradually whitens teeth.


RevenueWell PhoneRevenueWell

RevenueWell has released RevenueWell Phone, a voiceover- internet-protocol (VoIP) phone and text messaging system for dental and orthodontic practices. The system offers a way for office managers and front desk staff to manage appointment scheduling and productivity while minimizing time spent on the phone.

RevenueWell Phone integrates with a practice management system to deliver coordinated voice, two-way text messaging, email, fax and video conferencing, all tied to the practice’s existing practice number. The mobile app lets teams manage the practice phone from anywhere, so doctors and office staff can make and receive calls on the go and update settings on the fly.


Philips Zoom Delivered

Philips Zoom Philips has introduced a new take-home whitening product, Philips Zoom Delivered. Through a three-step process, dental professionals capture patients’ intraoral scans, send them to a Philips-affiliated lab and have the lab ship custom-made trays and Philips Zoom take-home whitening solution directly to the patients’ home.

Philips Zoom Delivered trays are handmade with a crystal-clear finish, custom fit and durable design to help increase patient comfort and reduce gel leakage. Philips Zoom Whitening’s is formulated to protect enamel and reduce sensitivity, and help improve tooth luster through a mix of amorphous calcium phosphate, potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride.


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