Product Profile: Memotain

Product Profile: Memotain 

The latest retainer technology

AOA Lab has partnered with CA Digital, a Germany-based company known for high-quality dental products, to distribute their retention product, Memotain. Memotain is a fixed lingual retainer that is bonded to either the upper or lower teeth.

Each Memotain wire is custom made to fit each patient’s unique tooth contours. Computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) allows for the design of smaller, more intimate wires that offer a closer adaptation to the tooth surface. This reduces the number of contact points on each tooth, increases patient comfort and helps create optimal oral hygiene. The CAD/CAM and manufacturing process helps control the optimal placement and a contoured fit.

Memotain is manufactured using Nitinol, a memory shape alloy that makes the retainer thin and comfortable. The memory-based metal also helps the retainer maintain its shape integrity and the transfer tray makes delivery fast and predictable. Once the retainer is cut from the sheet of metal, the material is difficult to bend. Each wire is electropolished, creating a smooth finish and allowing for minimal plaque and bacterial buildup.

In November 2020, AOA released the latest version of Memotain, Memotain 2.0. Added features, such as selective smoothing of the interdental area, help create a more exact tooth positioning. Orthodontists may also notice smoother interproximal bends. The new design also has partial retention elements to adhere to the bonding site.

Case design process
  • Put models into occlusion.
  • Rotate models to look at the lingual.
  • Isolate single arch.
  • Select wire location and place in occlusion, looking for interference.
  • After ensuring proper placement, shape the wire to various contact points.
  • Isolate single arch again to review positioning.
  • Rotate to occlusal view to look at the detail of the design.
  • Review final position before sending to CA Digital for cut and polish.

For more information, contact your AOA/Ormco representative or customer care at 800-262-5221.

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