Product Profile: 3M Clarity Aligners Flex + Force

Product Profile: 3M Clarity Aligners Flex + Force 

A customized treatment experience

3M Clarity Aligners Flex + Force is a new system that allows orthodontists to choose between two aligner materials in one treatment design, allowing customizable treatment in one integrated software workflow.

The newly introduced system, developed by 3M materials scientists, features a proprietary five-layer blend of materials that offers new flexibility to direct movement. This construction achieves distinct objectives; for example, the material is flexible, so it fits well, but it also offers force persistence for predictable movement that has shown to retain 75% of its force over a two-week period. It also offers durability, clarity and stain resistance.

When Clarity Aligners Flex is used in conjunction with 3M Clarity Aligners Force (the new name for the original tray material), orthodontists can develop treatment designs that would not be possible when using one type of aligner tray material. Every case is different, and the orthodontist is the expert behind every treatment. 3M Clarity Aligners Flex + Force allows practitioners to provide an individualized approach to each case to optimize tooth movement.

Updates to the 3M Oral Care Portal allow clinicians to customize each patient’s treatment using Clarity Aligners Flex + Force in a single treatment design. The key to an advanced treatment design’s user experience is the ability to work seamlessly with multiple treatment options and combination treatments—for example, using Clarity aligners and 3M digital bonding trays. There’s no more jumping between multiple systems; it’s an integrated experience that allows orthodontists to explore options and create the best plan, regardless of the modality, for truly customized treatment.

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