Product Profile: GT-Flex Pro Thermoforming Plastic

Product Profile: GT-Flex Pro Thermoforming Plastic 

Clarity, strength, flexibility and comfort

GT-Flex Pro thermoforming plastic is a new-generation plastic that represents a high combination of strength, flexibility, clarity and comfort. These features often come at the expense of the other; however, the engineers who developed GT-Flex Pro determined a chemistry that optimizes their collective relationship and individual expression, producing a breakthrough in thermoforming plastic technology. Further, GT-Flex Pro, similar to the superelasticity of NiTi wires, deflects its force more continuously and consistently over time, providing longer periods of activation. The material also does not bubble, crack or craze—challenges often associated with older-generation plastics and even some new-generation materials.

GT-Flex Pro is indicated for the fabrication of aligners and retainers. When fabricating aligners, it is suggested to use the material in a 0.80 mm thickness. When fabricating retainers, it is suggested to use the material in a 1 mm thickness. Each thickness option also comes in 120 mm and 125 mm diameters.

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