Product Profile: Sesame Communications

Product Profile: Sesame Communications 

Attract new patients to your practice

Appealing to prospective patients starts online: A practice’s website typically plays a crucial role in the decision-making process. By offering a great website experience, an orthodontic practice can convert more site visitors into new patients. This is where Sesame can help.

Sesame websites are built for the specific needs of orthodontic practices. Each design is customized to help attract new patients while also providing a great experience for existing ones.

Virtual front-office support
The included “tap to text” feature allows current and prospective patients to text the practice directly from its website. In tandem with the orthodontist’s patient communications system, it allows the practice to set up a virtual waiting room experience, reducing germ exposure between patients and staff. If in-person staffing is an issue, these features can even be controlled from outside the front office.

Virtual sales support
Sesame’s virtual consultation portal allows users to begin the sales process before the first in-person visit. Prospective patients upload images of their teeth that are submitted to the practice along with their contact information. In turn, orthodontists can provide a free consultation before an in-person visit, instilling trust and value in the minds of prospective patients.

Captivating design features
The practice’s website often presents the first opportunity to make a lasting impression on a prospective patient. Live video backgrounds capture a visitor’s attention, boosting time on site and enticing visitors to interact with the rest of the content on the practice’s website.

Great user experience
Sesame websites utilize responsive design, which allows for seamless functionality on all device types, including desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. Cohesive design enhances user experience, reinforces brand identity and strengthens engagement with prospective patients.

Security orthodontists can trust
SSL (secure sockets layer) certificates provide secure communications between the practice website and the patient’s internet browser. They ensure that sensitive information submitted to the practice is secure, developing a trusted and safe connection between orthodontists and their patients. All Sesame websites include an SSL certificate.

Branding for standing out
Sesame’s custom site design and professionally written personalized content are catered to highlight a practice’s unique style and philosophy for patient care. Sesame provides an expansive, ready-to-use library of content, so orthodontists can develop a considerable name and brand recognition for their practices.

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