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New Products

New Products
Valo X Curing Light

ValoX The redesigned Valo X broadband LED curing light from Ultradent offers durability, power, accessibility and versatility. The Valo X light includes a 12.5-mm lens and custom LED chip and comes equipped with two power modes (standard and extra) and two diagnostic light modes (black light and white light), as well as the ability to work corded or cordless. The light’s one-button activation sports a user interface with an accelerometer, so users can cycle between the light’s power and diagnostic modes with the wave of the wand, a light drum tap or the push of a button. The Valo X light comes with five accessory lenses.

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Trios 5 Wireless Intraoral Scanner

Trios 5 Wireless Intraoral Scanner The Trios 5 features a pen-grip scanner, optimally balanced to fi t comfortably in any hand. Trios 5 weighs just 10.6 ounces (with battery) and is only 10.5 inches long.

An LED ring and haptic sensory feedback guide users while scanning to make taking digital impressions smoother and faster. The Trios 5 also includes ScanAssist technology, which minimizes misalignment and distortion in 3D models, allowing scans of patients in any direction.

The Trios 5 features an FDA-cleared, closed autoclavable scanner tip protected by scratch-free sapphire glass. It also includes ultrathin, snug and near-invisible single-use sleeves to cover the scanner body and minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

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