Product Profile: Atmos Thermoforming Plastic

Product Profile: Atmos Thermoforming Plastic 

When the atmosphere is less than perfect

Atmos thermoforming plastic from American Orthodontics has been tested and engineered for excellent formability, clarity, moisture tolerance and extended inventory shelf life.

The appearance of air bubbles during formation is indicative of moisture failure. Exposed to 90% humidity in an environmental chamber, Atmos thermoforming plastic did not form air bubbles—even after three days. While this could equate to much longer periods in dryer conditions, any lab can benefit by minimizing waste from the ability of Atmos to produce high-quality, bubble-free parts days after opening the Mylar package.

The proprietary visual inventory management color coding system allows orthodontists to easily identify the size of the plastic for the intended usage and manage the overall inventory visually.

In addition to achieving lab-tested best-in-class moisture tolerance, Atmos provides patients with an excellent aesthetic treatment experience because of its performance, clarity, durability and stain resistance.

Atmos thermoforming plastic is available in 0.03-, 0.035- and 0.04- inch widths to accommodate most clinical needs. It arrives in lab-friendly packaging, allowing easy selection of the proper material from inventory. Atmos can be formed on equipment that requires 125-mm circles, 120-mm circles or 5-inch squares and can be formed on stone models or 3D-printed models. Atmos offers packaging options to accommodate small offices to large labs.

American Orthodontics now also offers Atmos BRX, which is the same 0.04-inch thickness but engineered to withstand the highest forces of mastication for postretention treatment for patients with bruxism. American Orthodontics also offers Atmos TMP, a 0.015-inch plastic that can be used as template material for bonding attachments.

Atmos is FDA registered and CE marked and has passed all ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing. It is recommended to form without the protective film wrap.

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