New Products

New Products

Tweakz Tweakz for braces and aligners from OrthoNu are tools designed as self-care solutions for the most common orthodontic emergencies between visits. Designed by an orthodontist, Tweakz tools are patient friendly, professional grade, driven by science and developed from professional tools. Tweakz for Braces features a flush distal end cutter, a dental pick, a rubber band applicator and a diamond dental file. The Tweakz for Aligners includes a dental pick, a rubber band applicator, an aligner remover and a diamond dental file. Both tools also come with a travel case and mirror.

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PowerBar The PowerBar from American Orthodontics is a fixed functional, direct-bond orthodontic appliance for correction of Class II cases into Class I cases through efficient segmental tooth movement. The universal design of PowerBar allows use on left or right sides of the maxillary arch. The free-moving bar and socket provides rotational control of molars during treatment and opening space between laterals and cuspids or cuspids and premolars. PowerBar features a patent-pending pad base for optimal bonding strength and the smooth and rounded mesial hook is engineered for simple attachment of elastics. The facial line on the socket provides easy buccal groove placement.

PowerBar offers as many as 23 sizes with each identified by color for better visual inventory control.

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Ceph Analysis Orthodontic Software

Ceph Analysis Orthodontic Software Ceph Analysis Orthodontic Software from Owandy features an AI-powered tracing feature that automatically finds soft- and hard-tissue landmarks, planes and silhouettes on lateral or PA radiographs within seconds.

The skull growth projection feature will track skull tracing from the current skeletal age to a chosen skeletal age. Projections up to maturity are possible while Ceph Analysis creates treatment plans by analyzing different stages of tissue softness and rigidity to simulate orthodontic and surgical treatment plans.

Available as an optional module to Owandy’s I-Max Ceph panoramic digital radiography unit, the orthodontic software is available in a standard or advanced feature package.

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