Product Profile: TopsPay

Product Profile: Tops Pay 

Easier smiles with simple and secure payments

Tops’ latest feature, TopsPay, offers orthodontic practices a more simplified and secure way to handle their payment workflows. Fully within Tops, the unified platform allows practices to streamline operations, accept payments and access sensitive information without extra fees or security risks. It boasts multiple benefits to counter the issues that normally arise with payments, helping practices be more productive so they can better care for patients.

Stronger security
Tops understands that protecting patient data and following HIPAA guidelines are key to running a successful orthodontic practice. To keep information safe, TopsPay employs advanced technology to meet high-level security standards:
  • Fraud prevention. Account monitoring and detection of unauthorized changes.
  • PCI compliance. Adherence to credit card companies’ protocols and vigorous data protection.
  • End-to-end encryption. Encryption backed by modern tokenization services prevents data from being accessed by hackers.
  • Cloud surveillance. Continuous cloud architecture testing eliminates vulnerabilities and protects sensitive data.
Faster workflows and payments
Payments ultimately sustain practices. They have a direct impact at every level and affect productivity, finances and patient experiences. TopsPay streamlines the entire process, helping practices save time and money while offering patients untethered flexibility:
  • Touch-free payments, in-person or over the phone, speed up the checkout process.
  • Scheduled auto-pay plans make billing effortless and prevent late payments.
  • Trackable card expirations and declines put a stop to missed payments.
  • Transparent pricing is up front with no hidden fees.
An easier way to pay
Orthodontic case management is complicated enough without risky, overpriced and cumbersome payment collections. The difficulties that come with payment processing—such as manual entry, failed payments and security risks—can further slow practices down and limit the care they provide patients. Simplifying payments can ease many of the pain points practices regularly face. With TopsPay, practices get an all-in-one secure platform for easier payment processing, allowing them to put patients first.

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