Board Profiles: 3 Questions With Dr. Wassim Bouzid

Board Profiles: 3 Questions With Dr. Wassim Bouzid

When Dr. Wassim Bouzid isn’t treating patients at his orthodontic practice in Constantine, Algeria, he’s often lecturing about smile design at an international conference. He’s been a speaker in 22 countries, often presenting in partnership with fellow Algerian orthodontist (and Orthotown contributor) Dr. Ilies Tibaoui. In our exclusive Q&A, Bouzid discusses the power of reexamining long-held industry truisims, his favorite professional and personal travel destinations, and more.
You’ve visited 53 countries and lectured in 22 of them. Which are your favorites?
From a touristy angle, Singapore really left a mark on me. It’s this incredible blend of Asian and Western cultures that’s just mind-blowing. But when it comes to my orthodontics journey, I’ve got a few standout countries:
  • Russia and Ukraine. I’ve never seen people so hungry to learn as I did there. I’ve given talks three times in Russia and once in Ukraine, and when I spoke, it felt like every person was hanging on every word. I once had almost 1,000 orthodontists at a conference for the Russian Orthodontic Society in Sochi in 2019.
  • The United States. This is like a second home to me. The warmth and welcome I’ve received here are unmatched. American orthodontists are some of the friendliest, funniest and nicest folks I’ve ever met. I’ve made so many great friends in the U.S., it’s crazy.
  • Japan. I haven’t actually lectured there (yet!), but I’ve got an amazing story from attending a lecture by Dr. Etsuko Kondo, who was then pushing 90 years old. The seminar was organized to perfection—at 8:55 a.m., the room was full to the brim with nearly 500 doctors and it was utterly quiet. Then, right at 9, Dr. Kondo started, and she wrapped up at exactly 5 p.m. Lunch boxes were on our tables, to make sure we didn’t waste a second. And the kicker: She had a patient with her she’d been treating for a whopping 65 years for a Class 2 issue. That’s dedication!

What’s the top takeaway you’ve heard from doctors who attend your seminars?
It usually revolves around challenging their preexisting beliefs in orthodontics. I often take concepts we tend to accept without much thought and dissect them logically. By doing so, I present a fresh and more reasoned perspective to the attendees.

During breaks, doctors approach me to express how their perspective has shifted. The common sentiment is a realization that my insights make complete sense, prompting comments like “Why didn’t we think of this before?” It’s truly rewarding to witness these moments of enlightenment and the subsequent discussions they spark.

How did your collaboration with Dr. Ilies Tibaoui begin, and what keeps this cross-country partnership so strong?
We crossed paths by chance in 2012 at the annual Algerian Orthodontics Society meeting, and three years later we both signed up for Dr. Tom Pitts’ master program in the U.S.—a life-changing decision. Over an intense two years, Dr. Tibaoui and I became more than just colleagues; we became buddies! We share the goal of shaking things up in the world of orthodontics, especially in our neck of the woods. And you know what they say—dream big, right? Our dream wasn’t just about our home turf; it was about spreading our impact far and wide. Thanks to our mentors and our shared vision, our partnership isn’t just strong, it’s unbreakable. We’re in this together to change lives. What an incredible journey so far!

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