Product Profile: Evolution

Product Profile: Evolution 

An all-inclusive practice management system

By optimizing financial processes, orthodontic practices can focus on patient care while enhancing patient satisfaction. Evolution practice management system from New Horizons Software leads to improved productivity and cash flow and an exceptional patient experience.

Evolution’s core is built on automation, removing mundane duties and replacing them with efficiencies that allow staff to engage better with patients.

Evolution allows patients to easily schedule their first appointment from the practice’s website or social media platform, which triggers Evolution to begin sending branded messages, links to fill out forms (saved directly into patient’s files) and appointment reminders with a confirmation link.

The built-in dashboard displays incoming messages, allowing quick responses to patients. Automatic patient follow-up is essential, so messages are triggered when a patient is a no-show, cancels or is ready to be recalled.

Built-in case acceptance tools, quick insurance eligibility checks, e-signing contracts and setting up auto-payment are specially designed for treatment coordinators to take advantage of. Evolution’s built-in insurance clearinghouse streamlines claim processing, reduces claim rejections and accelerates reimbursement timelines. Evolution even automatically sends a message to the patient when a payment fails!

The patient mobile app cuts down on phone calls about appointments. Patients can even confirm or reschedule their appointment, as well as make payments.

Evolution’s built-in analytics are available in real time, allowing doctors to view the practice’s health at a glance.

Evolution was built as an all-inclusive practice management system that includes a full marketing piece, analytics and insurance clearinghouse.

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