Dr. Ed Lin

by Dr. Ed Lin
Orthotown editorial board member Dr. Ed Lin discusses the seven key factors to be examined when considering the purchase of a CBCT machine, including radiation levels and price.
September 2018
Dr. Ed Lin
A case presentation with 3D lingual orthodontic treatment utilized in combination with orthognathic surgery for correction of obstructive sleep apnea with Class III malocclusion and bilateral posterior crossbites.
September 2012
Dr. Ed Lin
Retention: What's the Right Answer?
November 2011
Dr. Ed Lin
Dr. Ed Lin presents a Class I case with deep bite and crowding treated with lingual, i-CAT and SureSmile.
December 2010
Dr. Ed Lin
The author provides a general overview of the benefits of CBCT for both diagnostic and therapeutic treatment in orthodontics.

September 2009
Dr. Ed Lin
Dr. Ed Lin discusses the risks and benefits associated with CBCT and reviews the guidelines set up in his practice to minimize the risk and maximize the benefits.
September 2011
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