Angela Weber

by Angela Weber
Angela Weber, chief marketing officer at OrthoSynetics, explains why traditional forms of marketing like print ads, billboards and TV are currently seeing an increase in attention and interest, which means orthodontists shouldn’t focus solely on online marketing.
May 2021
by Angela Weber
Angela Weber asks, if orthodontists aren’t all the same, why do they often present themselves in the same way? Learn how to make your practice stand out.
March 2014
by Angela Weber
The New Year provides a prime opportunity for you to review your marketing efforts and make improvements. Angela Weber presents 13 ideas for your 2013 marketing program.
Jan/Feb 2013
by Angela Weber
Angela Weber presents new marketing techniques founded on traditional concepts.
May 2012
Angela Weber
Angela Weber explores the benefits and current opportunities of mobile phone apps for your practice’s Web site.
October 2011
by Angela Weber
Angela Weber talks about Facebook’s competition with Google, as well as the new method patients might use to search for an orthodontist.
September 2013
Angela Weber
Angela Weber gives tips on landing and managing a successful practice relations coordinator.
April 2011
Angela Weber
Angela Weber introduces some general guidelines to put your advertising on the right track.
October 2010
Angela Weber
Angela Weber presents 10 effective ways to attract new patients.
July/August 2010
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