Jay M. Geier

by Jay Geier
Are you a bad boss by default? Unlike behavior changes that can be initiated immediately, developing into a good leader and coach takes training and practice, and our guide helps readers determine how good they currently are and where they can improve.
May 2022
by Jay Geier
As Scheduling Institute founder Jay Geier explains, connecting with successful, enthusiastic colleagues can help orthodontists regain the enthusiasm and energy that often are sapped by daily practice challenges.
April 2022
by Jay Geier
Most orthodontic practice compensation structures are 95% fixed and 5% incentive-based, but one that’s set up closer to 70/30 ensures that overhead increases only as the business does. As this article explains, effective incentives can motivate your team as long as they’re structured to ensure a win-win.
March 2022
by Jay Geier
Scheduling Institute founder Jay Geier discusses the importance of cultivating doctor referrals.
January/February 2020
by Jay Geier
Jay Geier, founder and president of the Scheduling Institute, shares advice that will help orthodontists better leverage their teams and free up their time.
November 2019
by Jay Geier
Jay Geier of the Scheduling Institute discusses three ways to increase patient starts and production, and the culture that orthodontists must create as the foundation to it all.
September 2019
by Jay Geier
Space and equipment updates can seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be! Check out this wise advice from practice management guru Jay Geier.
June 2014
by Jay Geier
Jay Geier details 10 techniques to market that you could be missing out on.
April 2014
by Jay Geier
Jay Geier shares investments that will guarantee a great return.
December 2013
by Jay Geier
Do you know how much you need to comfortably retire? How about when you should sell your practice? Jay Geier answers these questions and more.
Jan/Feb 2013
by Jay M. Geier
Jay M. Geier explores why it is your responsibility to create a vision for your practice because it is one of the most important strategies for your practice’s growth.
March 2012
by Jay Geier
Jay Geier discusses the five types of talent you need to hire in order to efficiently fulfill the big vision of your practice.
June 2012
by Jay Geier
Jay Geier of the Scheduling Institute discusses how we often focus on a potential employee’s skill set but give short shrift to an equally important component of what makes a good hire: his or her personality.
July/August 2017
by Jay Geier
Jay Geier of the Scheduling Institute provides seven essential questions you should be asking to find a good practice management consultant.
July/August 2018
Jay M. Geier
Jay M. Geier discusses the subject of net worth and also shares the steps he took to become debt-free.
November 2011
Jay M. Geier
Jay Geier talks about some of the simple strategies that will help you achieve the level of engagement you need in order to achieve your practice goals.
July/August 2011
Jay Geier
Jay Geier lists ways to develop relationships with patients.
May 2011
Jay M. Geier
Jay M. Geier presents what the orthodontist should be focused on when developing a marketing plan.
March 2011
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