by Angela Weber
Angela Weber, chief marketing officer at OrthoSynetics, explains why traditional forms of marketing like print ads, billboards and TV are currently seeing an increase in attention and interest, which means orthodontists shouldn’t focus solely on online marketing.
May 2021
by Phil Horton
Nearly half of Earth’s population uses social media, but orthodontists can’t neglect their website content and rely solely on on social channels. Phil Horton of Sesame Communications explains how websites and social media networks, when used together, paint the most accurate picture of a practice.
April 2021
by Casey Bull
The final installment of consultant Casey Bull’s two-part series examines what orthodontic practices should focus on as they put together their 2021 marketing plans. This month’s focus—how to increase referrals and promotions via social media and digital strategies—delves into local SEO, paid versus organic social media posts, and community referrals via Facebook Live and microinfluencers.
March 2021
by Casey Bull
In the first installment of a two-part series about marketing your orthodontic practice in 2021, Casey Bull, global director of content and community for The Invisible Orthodontist, discusses strategies to increase patient and doctor referrals.
January/February 2021
by Jay Geier
Orthodontists who are thinking about selling their practice need to be able to prove that it has significant value, and orthodontists who are planning to keep and grow their practice should still be aiming for the same goal, for their own benefit. The first installment of this series with the Scheduling Institute’s Jay Geier discusses strategies involving human capital and marketing, two areas that are relatively easy to address and have virtually immediate return on investment.
December 2020
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