A Wonderful Site To See by Dr. Kyle Fagala

Wonderful orthodontic webSite To See

Make sure your website incorporates these 5 elements to help grow your practice

by Dr. Kyle Fagala

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, your website is the first impression you’ll make on potential patients. Rather than meeting you in person, they will search online for offices in their area, scroll through several websites and choose to book a consultation with the practice that has the most engaging online presence. That’s why you need a website that draws attention, builds trust and reflects your unique brand. If you want to find out what’s important for your team to consider when establishing your practice online, check out these five elements a high-performing website incorporates to help grow an orthodontic practice.

1. Custom photo and video
In the digital age, it’s not enough for a website to just provide information about a practice—it has to capture the reader’s attention with a sense of personal connection that can’t be found elsewhere. One of the first tasks on your orthodontic website to-do list is to create in-office video footage that puts your prospective patients in the shoes of current patients. Video content is king right now, and prospective patients who view footage from your day-to-day procedures are more likely to imagine themselves seeking treatment with your office.

2. A consistent tone of voice
Although the voice you use with web surfers differs from practice to practice, it’s a major consideration when creating your orthodontic website. Whether you aim to establish an inviting family feel, a high-end bespoke boutique aesthetic or a mix of the two, curate each web page to speak directly to the reader.

By using words like “you” within web copy, your site should communicate with direct language to make users feel like they’re the only patient in the room. Not only does this help them feel connected to your practice, it also increases conversion rates—and that’s the end goal.

3. Easy navigation
In a world where everything is just a click away, user-friendly web navigation is key. Your website should use all the tools at its disposal—web design, copy and layout—to guide your patients’ eyes to the information they’re looking for with the fewest clicks possible. That means your treatments, doctor bios and, most importantly, consultation lead forms are front and center for any mom or dad on the hunt for an orthodontist to see.

4. Search engine optimization
Another critical piece to any high-performing orthodontic website is search engine optimization (SEO). By using specific keywords and a custom ad strategy, your website can rank near the top of the search results for patients looking for an orthodontist in your area. SEO is one of the most important factors for a competitive site, so continually optimizing for current standards and best practices is key to SEO success.

5. Carefully cultivated logistics
Once your website is on the internet, it’s essential to ensure it runs like a well-oiled machine. That includes checking links to make sure they work, ensuring each page loads quickly and correctly, and updating security protocols to make sure your site is safe for users. Without this core step, search engines like Google may drop your website in the result rankings, leading to fewer visits and a decline in new patient volume.

Take advantage of your online presence
With an easy-to-use format and highly optimized design, a powerful and effective orthodontic website guides users through your brand’s story and highlights the information they’re looking for while making them feel connected to your business. Achieving the holy grail of online marketing—the No. 1 position in the search results— is just a few steps away. Follow these tips, and you’ll put your practice on top in no time.

Author Bio
Dr. Kyle Fagala Dr. Kyle Fagala is the owner and orthodontist at Saddle Creek Orthodontics and co-founder of the digital marketing agency Neon Canvas. Fagala also hosts a podcast called The Digital Orthodontist: Live! and is the author of the children’s books All the Best Faces Wear Braces and There’s Nothing Finer Than Aligners. He loves music, specifically the drums, and indulges in a host of hobbies including cooking, travel, pinball, trivia and Memphis Grizzlies basketball.

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