Is It Time for a Realignment?
As Dr. Kevin Baharvand explains, changing aligner companies isn’t just about switching products—it’s a transition that affects patients, staff and the overall rhythm of an orthodontic practice....
by Dr. Kevin Baharvand
April 2024
Phase I Treatment
This course explores the published history and recommendations of Phase I or early orthodontic treatment, which is still controversial among orthodontic professionals. The author shares seven case...
Dr. Daniel J. Grob
CE Credits: 1.5
3 Wire Treatment - An Efficiency Game
Small decisions in our clinical practice dramatically impact our clinical excellence and practice profitability. Efficiency is a game of working smarter not harder. One game I like to play is...
Dr. Chad Foster
CE Credits: 1.5
Product Profile: OrthoVOIP
Transforming orthodontic communication
March 2024
Expand Your Reality
Part 1 ("Permission to Intercept") of this series described the need for a shift in our approach to the interceptive orthodontic treatment of preadolescent patients, in which we move from treating...
Dr. Michael K. DeLuke
CE Credits: 1.5
New Products
Take a look at some of the newest products hitting the orthodontic market.
March 2024
Permission To Intercept
This first course in a 2-part series contrasts the current symptom-driven approach to interceptive orthodontic treatment with a new approach that focuses on diagnosing and treating the etiology of...
Dr. Michael K. DeLuke
CE Credits: 1.5
Poll: Bonding, Brackets and Wires
Orthotown’s monthly poll helps see how other practices operate. This month Townies weigh in on bonding, brackets and wires.
March 2024
Solutions To Help Your Practice Thrive in Todays New Reality
In today’s new reality, providers are reevaluating how they interact with their patients to ensure safe yet exceptional treatment outcomes. During this 90-minute presentation, Dr. Regina Blevins will...
Dr. Regina Blevins
CE Credits: 1.5
Tips Before Starting Residency
A young Townie starts a valuable discussion on future planning and expectations
March 2024
Slop-py Work: Calculating Theoretical Torque Loss Utilizing Rectangular and Square-Shaped Archwires
This course describes a method to simply calculate theoretical “slop,” assuming that absolute archwire stiffness, perfect archwires and bracket slot geometry exist. It explores the relative slop...
Dr. Elizabeth R. Michalczyk, Dr. Noam Green and Dr. Alise Senderak
CE Credits: 1.5
Unilateral Distalization— Favorite Method?
Townies list their go-to approaches for specific spacing issues
March 2024
How to Take Exceptional Care of Your Clear Aligner Patients During a Global Pandemic and Beyond!
Gain real-world strategies and action steps for serving your clear aligner patients at a high level – even during a pandemic quarantine! There’s never been a more important time to stay connected...
Allison Lacoursiere
CE Credits: 1.5
Industry News
Take a look at some of the latest happenings in the orthodontic industry.
March 2024
A Voice in the Arena: Bite Ramps Used for Anchorage
Editorial director Dr. Chad Foster shares a few cases in which he’s using bite ramps as anchorage.
by Dr. Chad Foster
March 2024
GPs Can Deliver Orthodontics with Confidence.
This course describes many compelling reasons why the GP office is a wonderful place for patients to receive orthodontic care. This course outlines a formalized method of support, communication and...
Dr. Dan German
CE Credits: 1.5
Case Study: Hyrax-Halterman Appliance
A case study from Dr. Chris Teeters discusses his use and manipulation of the Hyrax-Halterman device.
by Dr. Chris Teeters
March 2024
What the General Practitioner Can Do To Help Todays Orthodontic Problems
This course covers why we see so much more orthodontic malocclusion, and crowding today then years ago and discover some of the causes of why orthodontic malocclusions develop. Covered are the...
Attila Z. Nagy, DDS MS
CE Credits: 2.5
CE: Phase I Treatment
Dr. Daniel J. Grob explains how, if patients are treated early, the interception of oral habits and medical conditions can make orthodontic correction easier and more successful later. Grob shares...
by Dr. Daniel J. Grob
January/February 2024
Reducing Clear Aligner Production Costs by 3D Printing In-Office
In this CE course, Rick Ferguson DMD, DABOI/ID, DICOI, an educator in implant dentistry of 20 years, and Formlabs dental product manager Sam Wainwright walk through the full production workflow,...
Sam Wainwright and Rick Ferguson DMD, DABOI/ID, DICOI
CE Credits: 1.5
A Voice in the Arena: The Importance of Timing IPR
Editorial director Dr. Chad Foster discusses the importance of properly timing interproximal reduction and shares a case study illustrating the principles involved.
by Dr. Chad Foster
January/February 2024
Micro-Osteoperforation: Orthodontic Acceleration Becomes Mainstream
The science behind micro-osteoperforation is well-established and its clinical usefulness has also been well-studied and confirmed. It is now at the Tipping Point of becoming a mainstream, routine...
Dr. Bruce McFarlane
CE Credits: 1.5
Accelerated Orthodontics: The Power of Predictability
This course reviews the roles of manual osteoperforation and high-frequency vibration seating devices on bone remodeling and tooth movement.
David S. Eshom, DDS
CE Credits: 1.5
Going It Alone
Orthotown editorial advisory board member Dr. Donna Galante shares a case study of correcting a moderate to severe Class II malocclusion using clear aligners with special mandibular advancement...
by Dr. Donna Galante
December 2023
Board Profile: 4 Questions With Dr. Trevor Nichols
Each month, Orthotown spotlights a member of its editorial advisory board—this month we talk with Dr. Trevor Nichols
October 2023
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