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Practice Transitions

Buyers Beware
Each time Dr. John H. Foley has purchased an orthodontic practice, he’s learned something new to put into practice the next time. This North Carolina Townie recaps the biggest lessons he’s learned...
by Dr. John H. Foley
March 2021
Silent Partners Secretly Investing In Dental Practices of All Specialties
Learn More About: 1. Why now is the time to understand your practice value. 2. What buyers/partners want, what they don’t want and why. 3. Sell all, or sell part and stay to grow? 4. Who are the...
Chip Fichtner, Principal, Large Practice Sales
CE Credits: 1
5 to Grow On
Orthodontists who are thinking about selling their practice need to be able to prove that it has significant value, and orthodontists who are planning to keep and grow their practice should still be...
by Jay Geier
December 2020
Buying a Dental Practice: There is More to it Than Price.
This presentation is designed to educate the prospective buyer on how to approach the financial due diligence aspect of buying a dental practice. You will learn what information you need to look at,...
Tim Lott
CE Credits: 2
The Lease: The Dentist’s Forgotten Asset
This course is designed for any dentist looking to do a start up dental practice or a dentist that is planning on acquiring either an interest in a dental practice or becoming the sole owner of a...
Jason Wood, BA, JD
CE Credits: 1.5
Associates, Partnerships, Acquisitions, Oh My!
This course is for young dentists who are looking at entering into an associate agreement, purchasing an interest in a dental practice and forming a partnership, attempting to do a dental practice...
Jason Wood, Esq.
CE Credits: 1.5
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