Practice Management, HR and Accounting

4 Pillars of Modern Orthodontic Practice Management
How outdated or leaky procedures could be costing your practice a fortune.
Dr. Jamie Reynolds
CE Credits: 1.5
Orthodontic Practices and COVID-19
Labor attorney John J. Balitis discusses some of the orthodontic practice’s legal rights and responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as workplace policies, employee privacy and protection...
by John J. Balitis
October 2020
Going Virtual
Practice management consultant Casey Bull discusses how virtual treatment coordinators and traditional ones have the same objective in the practice, but quite a few variances in how they achieve...
by Casey Bull
September 2020
Negotiating a Lease Renewal for Your Dental Practice
This course details different avenues orthodontists can take when approaching their commercial lease renewal. If you agree to the same terms and conditions as you initially did with your landlord,...
Dale Willerton and Jeff Grandfield
CE Credits: 1.5
Continuing Education: New PPE Considerations for Dental Professionals
Dr. Sophia G. Saeed and Orthotown editorial board member Dr. Edmund Khoo provide a brief summary of personal protective equipment and the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines for dental settings.
by Dr. Sophia G. Saeed and Dr. Edmund Khoo
July/August 2020
Hiring and Developing Your Team the Right Way
Do you hire based on whether you like the person you’re interviewing? Re-imagine your hiring methods and discover proven approaches to attracting, interviewing, and hiring the talent you want. You’ll...
Sheri Kay, RDH
CE Credits: 1.5
Financial Lessons Learned From COVID-19
Certified public accountants and valuation analysts Tim Lott and Mike Bark discuss the income tax-related aspects of recent COVID-19 relief bills, and how orthodontists can best prepare their...
by Tim Lott and Mike Bark
July/August 2020
Real Estate: Real Issues for Starting (and Selling) a Dental Practice
This course navigates the complex landscape of commercial real estate and the dental office, by covering topics such start up offices, lease renewals, and buying or selling. In addition, this course...
Charles Feitel
CE Credits: 1.5
From Ordinary to Extraordinary: How to Create a Self-Managing Team... Filmed Live at Townie Meeting
In this course you will discover secrets to creating game-changing mission and purpose statements that will engage your team and get them to buy in on the practice’s strategic goals. This course will...
Paul Edwards
CE Credits: 1.5
The Virtual Blockbuster
As practice management consultant LeeAnn Peniche explains, a virtual consultation isn’t just a “screen test”— it’s a real, very important appointment that likely will remain long after the COVID-19...
by LeeAnn Peniche
July/August 2020
Embrace Progress: A Good Day at Golf Is Like a Good Day at Work
Orthotown editorial director Dr. Daniel Grob discusses the parallels between picking up a new sport and practicing orthodontics.
by Dr. Daniel Grob
July/August 2020
Stop Cancellations!
It is the perfectly scheduled day and then it all falls apart! Learn the secrets to helping more of your patients keep their commitments. How to reduce cancellations, no shows, and disruptive...
Steven Anderson
CE Credits: 1.5
Embrace Progress: Team Training
What could football and orthodontics have in common? Orthotown Editorial Director Dr. Daniel Grob discusses how it’s important for team leaders to make sure that their star player is properly...
by Dr. Daniel Grob
December 2019
The New OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
This course will introduce the participant to the new Globally Harmonized Hazard Communication Standard. Employers are required to provide training to employees on the chemical safety and employees...
Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA
CE Credits: 1.5
The Power of the Question... How to Move Your Patients from Denial to Action.
This course will help participants become more effective communicators by learning to follow up on difficult questions and comments from patients. You will learn how to check out assumptions; ask...
Mary Osborne
CE Credits: 1.5
Train to Win
Practice management consultant Andrea Cook discusses the difference between customer service and customer experience—and which one will have patients choosing you over the competition.
by Andrea Cook
December 2019
How to set up and conduct your own OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen program and training.
This course is designed to familiarize the participant with OSHA requirements and the basic elements of a bloodborne pathogen training program. This course may be utilized as a guideline for...
Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA
CE Credits: 1.5
Watch the Clock
Office technology is great— if what it’s doing is legal. This recap explains how to make sure you are using your timekeeping software correctly.
by Paul Edwards
December 2019
What’s TikTok and Can It Grow Your Practice?
Dr. Grant Collins, who’s garnered more than 1 million followers on the social media platform, explains more about the app—and how any social media success requires a deep look at your practice...
by Dr. Grant Collins
December 2019
Office Visit: Dr. Barry Glaser
We visit a Townie who’s incorporated digital technology into his practice whenever possible—from treating patients to monitoring their progress and even persuading them toward case acceptance.
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
November 2019
Embrace Progress: The Seven Deadly (Ortho) Sins
Orthotown Editorial Director Dr. Daniel Grob provides a refresher course on the seven deadly sins and shares how they could be affecting you and your practice.
by Dr. Daniel Grob
October 2019
Embrace Progress: At Your Service
Orthotown Editorial Director Dr. Daniel Grob calls upon his experience at a car dealership to show how important customer service is when it comes to offering patients elective services.
by Dr. Daniel Grob
November 2019
Product Profile: Gaidge
Leverage big data to win in business
November 2019
How to Get More Done In 2020
Jay Geier, founder and president of the Scheduling Institute, shares advice that will help orthodontists better leverage their teams and free up their time.
by Jay Geier
November 2019
Top Townie Picks: Software and Technology
We asked members of Orthotown to tell us more about their favorite practice management software and digital technology. In this special section, Townies explain more about what made these picks their...
October 2019


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