Health, Wellness and Ergonomics

A Voice in the Arena: Momentum Along Paths of Meaning
Orthotown Editorial Director Dr. Chad Foster discusses how combining your drive to improve your numbers with self-care and work-life balance will point you in the right direction.
by Dr. Chad Foster
January/February 2023
COVID-19 – What You Need To Know
The recent COVID-19 pandemic is a disruptive force that will change our personal and professional lives for the foreseeable future. We are trusted healthcare professionals, and our patients will look...
Dr. Michael Glick
CE Credits: 1.5
Level Up!
Dr. Glenn Krieger explains the importance of taking time and making plans for professional and personal self-improvement, and shares suggestions about how readers can develop their own plans for...
by Dr. Glenn Krieger
January/February 2023
Stress Management for Dental Professionals
An overview of the main elements of stress management as it relates specifically to dental professionals. Learn key terms, types of stress, the science behind stress, and ways in which to reduce the...
Jen Butler, M.Ed., CPC, BCC
CE Credits: 2
Behind the Curtain: Growth Through a Midlife Unraveling
In the latest installment of our guest column series, Dr. Brian Anderson discusses his midlife unraveling, how his practice helped keep him centered during trying times, and the steps he took in his...
by Dr. Brian Anderson
October 2022
Medical Emergency Mastery
This course will provide Dentists and their staff a system to identify emergencies before they occur, the tools to respond effectively to a crisis, and the training materials for staff development. ...
Dr. Catharine Goodson
CE Credits: 1.5
Continuing Education: New PPE Considerations for Dental Professionals
Dr. Sophia G. Saeed and Orthotown editorial board member Dr. Edmund Khoo provide a brief summary of personal protective equipment and the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines for dental settings.
by Dr. Sophia G. Saeed and Dr. Edmund Khoo
July/August 2020
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