Continuing Education: New PPE Considerations for Dental Professionals by Dr. Sophia G. Saeed and Dr. Edmund Khoo

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Federal guidelines for personal protective equipment and how to implement them in orthodontic practices

by Drs. Sophia G. Saeed and Edmund Khoo

Short Course description
This course provides a brief summary and reiterates the importance of personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 response. In particular, it refers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 guidelines for dental settings.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to achieve the following:

  • After completing this course, readers should be able to:
  • Describe the differences between universal, standard and transmission-based precautions.
  • Explain the rationale behind reducing aerosol production in the orthodontic practice.
  • Discuss importance of keeping up to date on guidelines for performing dentistry during the COVID-19 response.
  • Identify when to utilize N95 respirators and surgical masks with full-face shields.
  • Explain how PPE should be used via gloves, gowns and eye protection.

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Author Bio
Author Dr. Sophia G. Saeed earned her DMD from Harvard School of Dental Medicine and completed residency at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Saeed then joined UCSF from 2008 to 2018 and held varied roles, including director of the general practice residency. In 2018, she moved to Las Vegas, where she served as chair of the clinical sciences department at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine. Saeed joined UTHealth School of Dentistry this year as the associate dean for patient care.
Author Orthotown editorial advisory board member Dr. Edmund Khoo, BDSc (hons), ABO, FICD, teaches orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics full time at his alma mater, New York University. Khoo is certified with the American Board of Orthodontics and has published in several journals and been invited to chair numerous scientific sessions. His awards and achievements include the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation T.M.?Graber Teaching Fellowship Award; the Academy of Distinguished Educators Faculty Award; and the Faculty Council Teaching Recognition Award. Khoo is the current chair for the American Dental Education Association Section on orthodontics and is a founding member of the Consortium for Translational Orthodontic Research.
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