Health, Wellness and Ergonomics

by Flint Geier
A recent message board post garnered almost 500 responses about people feeling burned out. Flint Geier recaps some of the most common symptoms of burnout and how orthodontists can incorporate specific tools to help them avoid or pull themselves out of the burnout trap.
June 2023
by Dr. Andrew Sarpotdar
Three years into opening his startup practice, Dr. Andrew Sarpotdar was making more money than he had at any other point in his life … but he believed he was not only failing but also losing ground every day. Rather than giving up on his practice, Sarpotdar instead decided to recalibrate how he was measuring success and satisfaction.
April 2023
by Dr. Glenn Krieger
Dr. Glenn Krieger explains the importance of taking time and making plans for professional and personal self-improvement, and shares suggestions about how readers can develop their own plans for success.
January/February 2023
by Dr. Chad Foster
Orthotown Editorial Director Dr. Chad Foster discusses how combining your drive to improve your numbers with self-care and work-life balance will point you in the right direction.
January/February 2023
by Dr. Brian Anderson
In the latest installment of our guest column series, Dr. Brian Anderson discusses his midlife unraveling, how his practice helped keep him centered during trying times, and the steps he took in his quest to return to personal and professional greatness.
October 2022
by Dr. Sophia G. Saeed and Dr. Edmund Khoo
Dr. Sophia G. Saeed and Orthotown editorial board member Dr. Edmund Khoo provide a brief summary of personal protective equipment and the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines for dental settings.
July/August 2020
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