4 Ways To Grow Your Orthodontic Practice in 2022
Are you looking to make huge strides for your orthodontic practice this year, but aren’t sure exactly how to do so? The experts at Market Hardware have been helping orthodontic practices for over a...
Doug Schatz
CE Credits: 1.5
Moneyball Marketing
Casey Bull, director of global content and community for The Invisible Orthodontist, discusses orthodontic marketing trend that are likely to carry through 2023—and possibly even longer.
by Casey Bull
December 2022
Office Visit: Hinsdale Ortho
Dr. Susan Blair is credentialed in both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, while Dr. Nick Riccio has a single specialty as well as the energy of a dozen doctors. We tour their orthodontic practice...
by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor and creative director
October 2022
Video Marketing in Orthodontics
As Dr. Duncan Brown explains, videos are now a primary tool in social media, where posts with videos gain more viewers, retain interest longer and are more likely to drive consumers to purchase...
by Dr. Duncan Brown
November 2022
Running With the Right Clicks
Your website should be more than just a pretty face! It’s important to have a set strategy and purpose driving your designs when it comes to your site and search engine optimization. These tips will...
by Casey Bull
July/August 2022
Townie Poll: Marketing
With our monthly poll, you can see how other practices operate, what works, what doesn’t and how orthodontics is evolving. The information we gather each month helps us measure trends in the...
July/August 2022
Paid, In Full
Practice management expert Casey Bull recaps the pros and cons of paid search, paid social and display advertising, and how orthodontists can properly harness each type to help their practices grow.
by Casey Bull
March 2022
2021 Townie Choice Awards
After Townies cast their ballots for their favorite orthodontic services and products, we tallied the results. Now, it’s time to announce the winners of the Orthodontic 2021 Townie Choice Awards!
January/February 2022
School Marketing Too Aggressive?
This doc wonders how much is too much when it comes to orthodontists promoting their services to elementary-age children.
January/February 2022
Patient Referrals
Consultant Casey Bull discusses the most effective ways to earn patient referrals, including the foundations of customer service, properly leveraging family discounts and even the surprising return...
by Casey Bull
November 2021
Google My Business
Orthodontic marketing expert Mary Kay Miller explains how practices can cultivate and curate their Google My Business entry, one of the most important pieces of digital real estate available when...
by Mary Kay Miller
July/August 2021
Hooked on Classics
Angela Weber, chief marketing officer at OrthoSynetics, explains why traditional forms of marketing like print ads, billboards and TV are currently seeing an increase in attention and interest, which...
by Angela Weber
May 2021
A Welcome Site: Orthodontic Marketing
Nearly half of Earth’s population uses social media, but orthodontists can’t neglect their website content and rely solely on on social channels. Phil Horton of Sesame Communications explains how...
by Phil Horton
April 2021
Online Dental Marketing Opportunities for Orthodontists
The final installment of consultant Casey Bull’s two-part series examines what orthodontic practices should focus on as they put together their 2021 marketing plans. This month’s focus—how to...
by Casey Bull
March 2021
Orthodontic Market Forces
In the first installment of a two-part series about marketing your orthodontic practice in 2021, Casey Bull, global director of content and community for The Invisible Orthodontist, discusses...
by Casey Bull
January/February 2021
5 to Grow On
Orthodontists who are thinking about selling their practice need to be able to prove that it has significant value, and orthodontists who are planning to keep and grow their practice should still be...
by Jay Geier
December 2020
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