The Lease: The Dentist’s Forgotten Asset

Jason Wood, BA, JD, The Lease: The Dentist’s Forgotten Asset
Speaker: Jason Wood, BA, JD
CE Credits: 1.5
Format: MP4 Video
This course is designed for any dentist looking to do a start up dental practice or a dentist that is planning on acquiring either an interest in a dental practice or becoming the sole owner of a dent...more
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  • Running Time: 1 hour
  • Released: 6/26/2013
  • Expiration Date: 6/30/2025
  • Review Date: 6/30/2022
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Credit Details
This electronically delivered self-instructional program is designated for 1.5 hours of CE credit by Farran Media.

The fee to view this course is $36. This cost includes the fee to take the exam and claim your CE credits.

This course is designed to educate the dentist on the intricacies of a commercial lease and educate what is contained in the lease they will be signing in connection with the ownership of their dental practice. An in depth investigation into the many provisions which can materially harm a dentist in connection with a future sale, or impact the goodwill the dentist will be generating at the practice, as well as numerous other provisions which can negatively impact their dental practice if modifications are not sought from the landlord are discussed.

The goal of this presentation is to equip each dentist with a thorough understanding of the commercial lease as it has evolved (and continues to evolve) in ways which may materially harm the dentist’s future financial well being.

Educational Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:
  • Have a fundamental understanding of the various provisions contained in a lease which can negatively impact the doctor's future.
  • Know the defined terms throughout a lease that will pinpoint a possible issue the doctor will need to address in order to protect themselves.
  • Understand the key issues you may be able to have revised in the lease, rather than attempt to negotiate provisions that will harm the doctor's ability to get harmful provisions impacting future goodwill modified.
Description of Speaker:
Jason Patrick Wood is a partner in the Law Firm of Wood & Delgado and has been with the firm since 2004. He is a graduate from San Diego State University and the University of San Diego's School of Law. Jason's primary emphasis is on business transactions for dentists and doctors: leases, purchase agreements, partnership agreements, shareholders agreements, corporations, associate agreements and other business-related legal needs. He has authored many articles relative to the business side of dentistry which have appeared in Dental Economics, CDA Journal, The New Dentist, Colorado Dental Association Journal, Matsco's: Strategies For Success as well as numerous dental society newsletters. Prior to joining Wood & Delgado, Jason worked in Washington, D.C. in connection with Presidential and U.S. Congressional campaigns and thereafter he worked for the U.S. House of Representatives, drafting legislation for various House committees. Jason is a moderator and a frequent contributor to the Dentaltown Message Board.

Jason Wood declares that neither he nor any member of his family have a financial arrangement or affiliation with any corporate organization offering financial support or grant monies for this continuing dental education program, nor does he have a financial interest in any commercial product(s) or service(s) he will discuss in the presentation other than the fact that Jason Wood does disclose that he has a legal practice with dentists as clients.

CE Reviews


5.0  (3 Total Reviews)
 3 people would recommend this course to a friend.
Instructor spoke clearly and was easy to understand
Course material was informative, organized, and up to date
Course objectives were consistent with course as advertised
Valuable Content
User: brcinsf
Date: 11/3/2013
Instructor spoke clearly and was easy to understand
Course material was informative, organized, and up to date
Course objectives were consistent with course as advertised
A must take course if you are planning to lease a space or renew a new lease.
the dentist's forgotten asset
User: dentalgurl
Date: 7/5/2013
Instructor spoke clearly and was easy to understand
Course material was informative, organized, and up to date
Course objectives were consistent with course as advertised
Great information, succinct and good advice.
How not to get screwed by your landlord
User: mwucdmaz
Date: 6/29/2013
Instructor spoke clearly and was easy to understand
Course material was informative, organized, and up to date
Course objectives were consistent with course as advertised
Fantastic course, covered a variety of clauses in your lease that the average dentist wouldn't be aware of that could cost you when you go to sell your practice. I still wouldn't be comfortable negotiating my own lease after this one CE, but now I understand some of the language used and know what to ask my future lease broker.
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To reap the full benefits of this CE course, the presenters (Howie Horrocks and Mark Dilatush) have agreed to create a marketing plan specifically tailored to your practice and your specific market area. Having your marketing plan printed and open while you view the course material, will greatly individualize your learning experience.
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