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Orthotown’s monthly poll helps see how other practices operate. This month Townies weigh in on office design.
September 2023
by Dr. Christos Papadopoulos
Dr. Christos Papadopoulos shares six tips that can help position a startup practice for success even before it opens.
June 2023
by Dr. Courtney Barry
Dr. Courtney Barry walks readers through the steps she took when designing her Manhattan orthodontic practice to ensure it would have the right “vibe” even before patients set foot inside the front door. From consistent branding to smart furniture choices, these details help make patients feel special.
March 2023
For Dr. Courtney Barry, it’s more than the just clinical details that count. When this young Townie opened a scratch orthodontic practice in Manhattan, nothing escaped her eye, from the color palette of her Smile Pop branding materials to the scented candles that burn throughout the office. In our exclusive Q&A, she explains the importance of incorporating elements into the practice that speak to you and patients alike.
March 2023
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
This Townie’s new 6,700-square-foot practice in Greeley, Colorado, is, as he puts it, “the nicest dental facility I’ve ever been in.” In our exclusive Q&A, Richter tells us how he went from burned out to burning with a renewed passion for the profession when other docs his age are considering retirement. Plus, hear his hard-learned lessons on how to be a better manager and team leader, and look at some of the impressive tech inside an impressive build.
September 2022
by Michelle Shimmin
Practice management consultant Michelle Shimmin explains how digital solutions can help orthodontists serve their patients better where they are—which patients are increasingly demanding.
May 2022
Townies discuss their different office setups and the benefits of each layout.
April 2022
by Joseph Ross
Orthodontic practice design expert Joseph Ross discusses the most common mistakes orthodontists make while planning out their “dream offices,” and how to rectify them while things are still in the planning stages.
March 2022
After Townies cast their ballots for their favorite orthodontic services and products, we tallied the results. Now, it’s time to announce the winners of the Orthodontic 2021 Townie Choice Awards!
January/February 2022
Townies talk about the tube and why (or why not) to have one in the office.
January/February 2022
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
This Townie, who has two practices on the central California coast, travels around the world, educating orthodontists about clear aligners as a master faculty member. We visit his new Santa Barbara office, learn why he was the first in the U.S. to adopt a 5D scanner into this practice, how new technologies have simplified his workflows, and what tips he has for making clear aligner therapies run smoothly in any office.
March 2021
by Kyle Patton, associate editor
Dr. Howard Chu and his wife, a pediatric dentist, recently built a new 2,600-square-foot partner practice in the Los Angeles area from the ground up. In our Q&A, the Harvard Dental School graduate discusses everything from ADA codes and asbestos abatement to COVID-19 protocols and why he thinks clear aligner therapy is the most exciting form of orthodontic treatment today.
September 2020
by HanH Tran
HanH H. Tran, senior design director at dental office design and architecture firm HJT Designs, discusses the best strategies to use when retrofitting, designing and building an orthodontic office so it can thrive during—and after—the coronavirus era.
October 2020
by Jay Geier
The final installment of this series with the Scheduling Institute’s Jay Geier discusses strategies involving space and equipment, clinical duplication and financial discipline, which require planning and investment but also remove the limitations that are restricting your growth.
January/February 2021
by Arselia Gales, assistant editor
2020 Townie Choice Awards cover winner Dr. Emily Howell discusses how her business degree gave her an upper hand in managing her practice, the importance of giving back to her community and how her Miss Georgia pageant experience continues to inspire her to be a positive role model to her patients.
January/February 2021
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