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With our monthly poll you can see how other practices operate, what works, what doesn’t and how dentistry is evolving. The information we gather each month helps us measure trends in the profession. Take a look at this month’s topic and results.
May 2018
by Bonnie Pugh
Practice management expert Bonnie Pugh shares how the four C’s of team building—clarify, calculate, communicate and coach—will keep your staff engaged and lead to a successful practice.
March 2018
by Lauren Glass
Discover the new rules of SEO for practice websites, and how practice owners should be incorporating them to help their businesses stand out in search results.
March 2018
by Brad Petersen
Brad Petersen shares how to go beyond referrals when it comes to marketing your orthodontic practice.
Jan/Feb 2017
by Orthotown staff and
These savvy tips from the team at will improve the patient response rate to your direct-mail postcards.
June 2016
What is a good amount of starts per year?
November 2014
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